My Favorite Past Valentine Crafts!

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Here’s a little trip down memory lane as these are still some of my post popular posts and pins on Pinterest! {by the way ~ do you follow me on Pinterest?  If not, click the button!  Speaking of following me, … Continue reading

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Occasionally I Come Out of My Closet

I’m almost unpacked in the new apartment and getting myself organized.

There were a few features to this place that really “sold us” on the concept of moving.  The Master Bedroom Closet was tops on my list.

{I will continue to remind those of us in the Felt So Cute household of these things on a semi-regular basis as this was a more hassle-filled move than they tend to go in Tokyo. Our packing and moving days happened to coincide with the biggest snowstorm the city had seen in years, The Cuties were sent home from school early but their bus took 5 hours to actually make it home, and then they had a snow day on our actual move day instead of a full day of school and extra-curricular activities.  Not quite the seamless adventure I had planned.  On top of it all I caught some sort of plague that required me to walk back and forth between the two apartments with boxes of tissues practically strapped to my shoulders as epaulets.}

But it’s a lovely closet, and makes me smile.  A lot.

And now that there’s not a sniffle in sight, we can all laugh about it.

Here’s my side, in perfect rainbow order, just the way my anal-retentive self loves it.  {My husband’s side is the mirror image, but of course he’s content with shirts, suits and pants co-mingling willy nilly.  Anarchy, I tell you!}


And back the other way.  I added the largest 3M hook to the back of the door for our dry cleaning bag.  The frame above the door is a silly poem my husband wrote me for our first  dating anniversary almost twenty years ago that has hung in every closet we’ve ever lived in, now spanning two continents and four states!


The clear boxes on the floor are my shoes.  I discovered this idea from my fabulous college friend Murphy, oh so many years ago {the most beautiful female Murphy you’ll ever meet!} and have been doing it for years.  I use a label maker to put the description of the shoes on the outside, and the boxes keep them clean and dust-free.  Plus it’s easy to stack quite a lot of them.

{And check out the outlet in the closet!  Isn’t that a terrific idea?  We often use that as additional charging space overnight when our night stands are full up!}


But my very favorite things in this closet are the built-ins between the two hanging rods.  I’ve slipped my purses on the shelves with the ones I use the most on the lower shelf and my costume jewelry is organized in bins as well.  The top drawer holds all my scarves and the lower drawers have things like socks and tights.


So here’s the only downside to this much accessibility and organization:

Big Cutie, my budding fashionista, has discovered just how easy it is to walk in and find exactly which scarf or bracelet she’d like to request to borrow in the mornings….the days of my dressing her are clearly long gone!

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Washi Wires

So by now you’ve probably figured out that we have just a wee bit of washi tape around the Felt So Cute household.

I’m on a mission to use it in as many ways as possible.

Which is completely fueled by my desire to justify wanting to purchase each and every new tape design I see.  It’s a sickness, I tell ya!

So the other day I stumbled across the adorable idea to embellish my charging cords here.  Which reminded me I’d also seen a related idea here.

The Cuties {and let’s be honest ~ my husband, too} are constantly pilfering my cords and then claiming they didn’t take them.  But now, everyone will clearly know which cords are mine and which plain white ones are theirs {actually the other plain white ones will be the Husband’s since Big & Little Cutie got brightly colored ones for Hanukkah in an attempt to curb this problem that has so far been unsuccessful}.



{the above project was done by placing a piece of tape over the Apple logo and pressing it down into the inset.  I then took an X-acto knife and gently cut around the logo’s inner edge and peeled away the excess.  It comes right off if you want by lifting a corner with the knife blade ~ I know because I messed up once and did this}

Do you have pretty cords?

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Sanshoku-don Bowls

We have a new family favorite for dinner since moving to Japan.

And I’m going to share a secret with just you readers, but not my family.

It’s delicious, healthy, easy and involves no actual cooking on my part.

Seriously.  You can’t tell my children I haven’t been slaving in the kitchen all day while they’re at school to make their favorite meal.

So now that my secret is safe between us and the whole Internet, let me share.

sanshoku-don bowl is literally “rice with three different seafood toppings.”

Yup.  That’s it.

Here’s all you need:


{from left to right across the top: rice, tuna sashimi, negitoro [tuna belly], ikura [salmon roe] and across the bottom: nori sprinkles [seaweed], scallions, wasabi root and shiso leaves [mint]}

After rinsing the rice and making it in my rice cooker, I scoop it into our bowls to let it cool a bit and slightly salt the rice.

I then add a shiso leaf to the middle of the bowl {this is a yummy minty flavor and makes an outstanding addition to a mojito ~ but we’re not discussing cocktails, now are we?}


On top of the shiso, I add a dollop of wasabi that we’ve grated ourselves.  If you have an Asian market, it’s absolutely worth it to hunt this down.  Fresh wasabi is so much yummier than the paste you squeeze out of the tube.  More importantly, its great fun to grate it yourself, and a way kids can help if you use a ceramic grater instead of a metal one {be sure to peel the wasabi first}.


Then I simply add chopped scallions, a spoonful of ikura, a large spoonful of negitoro and several slices of tuna sashimi.  Now that we have our three seafood selections, I add a bit of nori shreds, and serve!


This is an especially great and filling meal on a night when kids have activities and we get home right at dinner time.  I often start the rice cooker in the afternoon and slice up the tuna and put it back in the fridge in a Tupperware container so all I have to do at dinner time is assemble.


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We Rocked

Little Cutie had her 9th birthday party this past weekend.

In a bar.

Yeah, I’ve become that Mom.

OK, in all fairness it was a Karaoke Bar, and they regularly rent the place out for children’s birthday parties on the weekends, but still, in the end, my child had her birthday party in a bar.  Even better, my parents were in town for the big event, so her grandparents were in a bar with their granddaughters at a birthday party.

And it was awesome.

I found these great invitations at Polka Dot Designs that I could completely customize online right down to the font and placement on the card.


There was much thought, of course, put into wardrobe selection for the big event, and Little Cutie opted to wear this fun ensemble from Chasing Fireflies with a sequined skirt from J.Crew’s Factory Store.  Big Cutie wore one of the fabulous petticoat skirts from our Heather Golde photo shoot close to two years ago ~ love recycling!


You’re dying to know what the adults wore, right?  I had grand plans for custom shirts, but alas the whole moving the week of the party while recovering from some sort of plague put a damper on that, and I reverted to the all black I wear about 99.999% of the winter.  So disappointing. My husband, busted out his classic Will Ferrell cowbell t-shirt, which was meaningless to the children, but amusing to us.

Little Cutie’s friends are still split fairly evenly between girls and boys so this was a great co-ed party.  However, the first hour was spent mostly like this:



And then we fed them and they were willing to get on stage at least at the same time…


And then I learned that if 3rd graders know cupcakes are imminent they don’t care one iota who they are standing singing next to, and hop on stage to sing to the Birthday Girl!


The Birthday Girl and her Groupie thoroughly enjoyed a stage filled with admirers.


We blinged up an ordinary grocery store numeral candle with some rhinestones and a glue gun {I’ve seen the idea on Etsy and Pinterest, but can’t find an original source to link you ~ my apologies}


The kids were absolutely adorable and sang non-stop the whole two hours.  I especially loved how many of the other girls showed up decked out for the stage.  Little Cutie was very pleased with the evening’s event.

I did want to share with you our lovely Karaoke Host {he’s holding a Flat Stanley we were sent from the States that we brought with us everywhere all weekend}.  One of the Moms at the party commented that she had been coming to this particular Karaoke bar for almost two decades and laughed that it was still around.  My husband and I  were laughing that the equipment behind him must be the original equipment he started using back when she was in college!  I imagine if you opened a Karaoke bar new today, you’d run the whole thing from a single laptop!


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Sweet on Sumo

We went to our first Sumo Grand Tournament this past weekend and I have a serious confession to make:

I’m totally hooked on Sumo Wrestling.

I truly think it’s the coolest professional sporting event I’ve ever attended.

There was great excitement from Little Cutie as we arrived at Ryogoku Kokugikan, the Sumo Hall, and saw the same kind of banners lining the perimeter as were at her  sumo tournament at school last Spring.


The entrance to the Sumo Hall is also flanked by two incredible murals.  I thought the perspective of this one was particularly interesting.


Sumo is just as much as about the ceremony and rituals as it is about the actual bouts.  I found the Ring Entering Ceremonies mesmerizing and loved the rhythm of the wrestlers entering the dohyo {ring}.



After the Ring Entering Ceremony the athletes clapped their hands, then performed a leg-stomping shiko exercise to drive away evil spirits from the ring.  Very dramatic!



And still, before the wrestlers could get to actual contact there was more ritual, including tossing salt into the ring to purify it.


And now we were ready to get to it!



And then just seconds later, it was over! {a match is won by knocking your opponent out of the ring or if you force your opponent to touch the ground with any part of their body except for the bottoms of their feet}


The next big Sumo Tournament is in May and I absolutely want to go.  The burning question, however, is whether my very non-Japanese knees could handle sitting in the “premier” seats down on the tatami mats for hours on end!

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Things I’ve Been Swooning Over

Or as the English Lit major in me knows better ~ Things Over Which I’ve Been Swooning!


Because we are moving next week I’ve been holding back on buying things lately but have big plans for the new place once we’re settled {stop rolling your eyes, dear husband of mine, it’s true, I’ve showed restraint, I promise!}.  Instead, I’ve settled for late night Internet browsing and have found all sorts of goodies I wanted to share.

I’m a List Maker and Note Taker {do you like how I capitalized those as if they were actually official titles?}, so I regularly purchase lined, blank journals and notebooks for this purpose.  In my humble opinion, one can never have enough.  Minted has many choices, but I especially love the preppy stripes on this one:


Because I’m limited in my ability to hang art in our Japanese rental apartment, I end up with a lot of blank, white walls.  I am, however, learning to get more creative with this problem, and so I found these precious prints at the Etsy shop 23 Madison Studio that are small enough to put in a lightweight frame and hang with small 3M hooks.  Isn’t this adorable for in my master bathroom or walk in closet?

23MadisonStudioWhile I’m all about practicality, there’s no reason things shouldn’t be cute whenever possible. So I’m pretty sure my purse needs one of these in case my iPhone dies on the go, don’t you?


It’s the Year of the Snake here in Japan, and I’ve been wanting to get something fun like I did last year for the Year of the Dragon.  Except, I kinda really hate snakes.  But look how adorable this Iomoi scarf is, and would be great as a pop of color on a cold day with black or navy or crisp against air conditioning in summer with bright white!


Finally, it took me a while to locate the source of these, as I’ve had them Pinned for a while with no link, but I did it!  Aren’t these the best Preppy-Girl pencils ever?  I still love to write in pencil, and really, these are pretty much all of my grown-up favorite things!


So what are you eyeing lately?  Please share with the rest of the class!

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