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What’s Cookin’ in Japan!

We finished unpacking the kitchen and I’m ready to start learning to cook Japanese food!  In the meantime, here’s a tour of the new place~ This is looking in from the living room and dining room area {I’m a huge … Continue reading

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My Bathroom is Smarter Than I Am

It took me 19 minutes to figure out how to turn on the shower this morning.  That’s an unbelievably long time to try and get hot water to come out of a faucet. All I could do at first was get … Continue reading

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Family Portraits

So in the middle of organizing and shopping and sorting and packing to move to the other side of the world you know what I thought would make total sense? Scheduling a family portrait session. Haven’t I been telling you … Continue reading

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Gift Wrap “Problem”

So my organizing challenge this week with A Bowl Full of Lemons is a Gift Wrap Station.  We’ll get to that in a moment. In beginning the challenge I first decided to organize and relocate my actual gift wrap.  Some … Continue reading

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Taming the Beast That is My Desk

This winter my desk has simply gotten away from me.  It’s gotten so bad lately it’s given me the shakes.  I think the piles on my desk just had babies but I can’t find the birth announcement amongst the clutter … Continue reading

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The Playroom and Laundry Room Tour!

In typing that title and thinking about what I’m about to show you, I’m thinking we’ll all agree Mama got the short straw here! It’s Friday, and so once again I’m linking up with the Show Us Your Life tour … Continue reading

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Holiday Cards

It’s that time of year. There’s no denying it.  I must face the looming stack of holiday cards and begin the process of getting them addressed and stamped and a little note added to each one.  We’ve lived in four … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up to This Week!

I’ve been a terrible blogger, so my apologies! Yesterday was my very first craft show and I was helping to coordinate it so there were a million details to worry about, things to organize, products to make and imaginary things … Continue reading

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Sweet Daddy-O!

There’s really nothing better than being surprised before I’m out of my jammies.  And Cute Husband using wrapping paper is always {to quote Martha!} a Good Thing! Sigh.  Opening that box got even better. {Please ignore the chaos on my … Continue reading

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I’m in mourning. After almost a decade of service, selfless devotion and unwavering consistency, my beloved glue gun Ethel, has oozed her last bit of scalding adhesive. Cute Husband had been warning me for some time now that the end … Continue reading

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