$1.25 Day

While we all had a pretty great day today, Little Cutie stretched $1.25 into a full day of fun.

First we took the water car ferry to New York for the first time and the kids were free.  We walked all around, up and down, and checked out every nook and cranny.  Are you shocked to know that we were the only people on the top deck when it was still 59 degrees and completely overcast at 9:07 this morning?

Then despite the weather, the girls insisted on shorts and heading to the beach.  Big Cutie immediately snuggled up under a giant towel but Little Cutie became one with her $1 pail and shovel….

When the handle broke she was truly devastated, LOL…..

So we went into Westhampton to console her with some ice cream, whereupon we immediately spied some vending machines.  I bestowed quarters upon all of the kiddos…..and promised to call Little Cutie Luigi for the remainder of the day.

You didn’t know Mommy Math can turn a quarter into a million dollar smile, did ya?

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One Response to $1.25 Day

  1. Susan says:

    Love the mustache 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear/see more!

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