3 Ways I Stay Organized

I crave organization and structure in my life.  Whenever I get grouchy and cranky, I can usually trace it back to simply not being on top of the daily papers and tasks in my life.  OK, that and not enough dark chocolate and really good cheese.  I find that the more organized I am, the more time I have to trace my kids in chalk on the patio, make scavenger hunts all over the house for them and generally to be a happier person.  So after literally trying every single different organizing system on the market year after year, and constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, I have happily settled into a few things that have lasted almost five years now and wanted to share them.

The Right Calendar System for You ~

I fully acknowledge it’s different for different people.  I’ve tried them all: Franklin Planners, Day Runners, electronic organizers, synching with my iphone, etc.  But NOTHING has worked as well for me as my MomAgenda.  I’m a visual person, and I’ve come to realize I NEED to see a week at a time, and I need to be able to write things down on paper.  I love that I can customize my view for each of my Cuties and their different activities AND I have space for my own appointments and notes.  I even save my books from year to year since I write so much in them and then can easily find something from years ago .  While I’ve edited out some names, this gives you an idea of how much you can fill in here in a neat and organized fashion {clearly my lack of menu planning for this week means we may be having a lot of take out!}.

Manage the Paperwork!

In tandem with my calendar, I’ve had to tackle the critical papers in our house in a way that it’s accessible to me AND the rest of the family.  After trying a lot of different things, I settled into a Mom Agenda Kitchen Folio {no, I’m not getting a kick-back from Mom Agenda – I’m just a really happy customer!}.  I fully acknowledge that you could easily make your own version of this kind of book with some plastic sleeves and a three-ring binder, but I’m kind of lazy sometimes, found mine on 50% off clearance and thought it was too cute to pass up.  I love that both of my Cuties and Cute Husband know exactly where in our kitchen to go to grab the “Pink Book” if they want to know anything important and don’t need to always ask me!

You can put anything you want in your folio.  In mine I have: master school calendar, snow closing/delay information, cafeteria monthly menu, school main phone numbers (absent line, nurse, etc.), Hebrew School calendar, neighborhood phone list, each Cutie’s class phone list, babysitter list, each Cutie’s Girl Scout troop list, JCC schedule, list of all birthdays & anniversaries, town recycling schedule, swim & tennis club schedule/info, soccer schedule & info,  and dance class schedule.  I’ve still got 6 tabs left and that’s without using the backs!  Whenever I get a new schedule or list, I just slide it out and replace it ~ piece of cake!

Stop the Cycle of Buying & Returning!

Finally, my other big time saver and organizer is my cheapest and simplest.  Since I am constantly working on our house and on the look out for things I want need, I decided I had to make it easier on myself when I looked around and realized I had 4 bags to return one day of things I thought were the right color for a room and weren’t once I got them home.  So I bought a 99 cent photo album and slipped a small fabric swatch and paint sample card in it for all the rooms in my house.  It’s super light-weight, and I carry it in my purse wherever I go.  Now while I’m out and about, I just whip it out and hold it right up to something I’ve found and can see what I think in the store instead of having to bring it home and then possibly waste time bringing it back.  I’m so annoyed I didn’t think of this years ago!



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9 Responses to 3 Ways I Stay Organized

  1. Spoiled Eggs says:

    The iPhone does a great job of keeping our busy lives organized! The iPhone is the ‘King’ of all phone’s in my opinion. I can’t wait for December to see where the phone ends up, of course it will stay on AT&T, but Sprint or Verizon? What do you think?

    Check out my blog, I kind of tackled this issue as well!
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Kristen says:

    That is a great idea!

  3. Heather says:

    Would you mind telling us which MomAgenda you use? I’ve been to their site and is it the desktop? the mini? Please help!

  4. feltsocute says:

    I use the Desktop – I like to see a week at a time, and write so much down that I need the space. I’m also a big purse gal, so it fits no problem!

  5. MrsTass says:

    Ditto on the Iphone!! Evernote is my best friend lately.

  6. Mandi says:

    Love your system. I’ve been dying to try the momagenda but jut couldn’t swing the cost of it this year. I am however soooo snagging your swatches/photo album idea. We’re doing a lot of renovations right now so that will come in really handy. Thanks!

  7. Tracy says:

    Found your blog through Kelly. Thanks so much for sharing–I LOVE that Mom Agenda and I think I will be buyig one. I also LOVE your swatch idea, think I will adopt that too. I can;t wit to check out the rest of your blog!

  8. holly says:

    I’m going to have to check out “mom agenda”…sounds like their products are right up my alley.
    I’m not really in home makeover mode right now, but I ***love*** your idea of collecting fabric/paint info in one place so it’s easy to have with you. Very clever.

  9. Sheila Dickerson says:

    I am buying a house and with that comes all of the fun decorating….I love your ideas…All three of them are definitely worth trying!!! And I am def on the same page with feeling like I need to be organized at ALL times…..Thanks

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