Halloween Mantle

We love to decorate for holidays in the Felt So Cute household.  {Because really, who doesn’t love an excuse to traipse up to the attic,  climb your, way through the Rubbermaid bins, only to have to schlep them all back downstairs, open them up for a month or so and then haul them back up!}

So last night the Cuties helped me pull out the autmn and Halloween stuff to “fancy up” our living room mantle {I DO have other rooms to show you besides my living room, I promise, LOL!}.

We stopped to pick up our pumpkins and I let each Cutie pick out one of the small sugar pumpkins as “theirs.”  When I pointed out that this guy looked a little sad with his broken stem, Little Cutie insisted that’s exactly why we should buy him because she was afraid no one else would.  How sweet is she?

Years ago when I first started stalking following The Nester I fell in love with her ragamuffin garlands and especially liked that it was a project with which the kids could help.  So Big Cutie and I worked and worked and worked together on this as one of her therapy projects {Big Cutie has Cerebral Palsy, so we’re always on the hunt for really fun projects that achieve our therapy goals but are much more interesting than simply repetitive exercises!}.  Each year she is SO proud when we pull it out to remind me that SHE helped with it ~ LOVE that!

Finally, I’m just going to have to say that the look on my Cuties faces when they realized I was totally serious that the Mr. Potato Head could remain on the mantle was AWESOME!  And quite frankly if they made a Mr. Potato Head with a spinning dreidle, we’d put it out at Hanukkah, too.  Are you listening to me Hasbro?

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6 Responses to Halloween Mantle

  1. Love the Mr Potato Head!!!!!!

  2. what fun garland, and how great that you all worked on it together. and you are spot on about schlepping the rubbermaid up and down to decorate, that’s exactly what it is. don’t hold your breath on the hasbro thing. sadly, i don’t see that happening.

  3. debbie says:

    That is adorable, I love how creative you aer!

  4. beautiful mantel.

    what great architecture you have in your home. the curved arches above the windows. beautiful!

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!


  5. eloiseatbakingcakes says:

    Everytime you post pics I get so jealous of your mantle. I want a fireplace with a mantle soooo badly! 🙂

    Love all your decorations. I cant wait to see more!!

  6. Beth says:

    What a great garland! Thanks so much for liking up and sharing your cute stuff with us!

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