Apple Picking Extravaganza

We recently went apple picking to a farm about a half an hour from our house.  The Cuties LOVE to do this and had been begging so we jumped at the opportunity to go earlier than last year in hopes that we might sneak a second visit in later on in the season.

If you have the opportunity to pick apples {or any fresh produce} I can’t recommend it enough.  First, nothing beats the taste of fresh fruit right off the tree ~ nothing mealy or waxy about these apples!  Second, you can’t beat the price ~ they’re half the price of the sale apples at Whole Foods.  But most importantly, it stimulates the best conversations with our kids about food: why it’s good to make healthy choices; why food tastes better closer to our table; how farms work; and how Mommy suddenly seems super tall at 5’3″ because she can reach the top of the dwarf apple trees.

There’s something about produce with leaves still attached that speaks to me.  So much so I will pay extra for the lemons and limes with leaves to fill a  bowl  with no intention of using them just because they look “pretty.”  I’ve told you I have issues, people.

Little Cutie is a perpetual tree climber, so we had to hold her back from becoming one with the trees.

Big Cutie is our official taste tester, giving her opinions of the differences in flavor between Jonamacs and Macouns!

And me?  Well I like to go home and turn this…..

Into this ~

Thankfully the farm lets you borrow little wagons because our Cuties like to pick and pick and pick.

When all was said and done they picked twenty pounds of apples.  I thought we’d never go through them all but no one wanted to stop.  That was two weeks ago.

Today I had to buy apples at the grocery store!

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One Response to Apple Picking Extravaganza

  1. 20 pounds? wow, that’ll be a lot of apple pies!

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