A Sunday School Share

This morning Little Cutie was Consecrated at synagogue.  I have no photos, so I will do my best to describe what was one of the most symbolic and moving ceremonies of which I’ve ever been a part in a long time {and my teary eyedness leads me to believe I will be a sniveling mess on their Bat Mitzvah days!}.

For those readers who are not Jewish, Consecration is a special service that celebrates a child’s formal entrance into religious school.  It is celebrated during the holiday of Simchat Torah which comes at the very end of the reading of the Torah when you re-roll the scrolls back to the beginning.

At our congregation all of the parents of Consecrants were asked to spread out throughout the sanctuary as the Torah was completely unrolled and we all helped to hold it up so that it didn’t fall on the ground.  The children stood within the confines of the scroll.  At the “end” of the Torah stood one Rabbi and all of the Madrachim, who are the assistant teachers for Sunday School ~ all high school students who have chosen to continue their studies and committment to Judaism past their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  They said the blessings for reading from the Torah together and the Rabbi read the final passage in the scroll.  At the other end of the Torah our other Rabbi read the first passage in Genesis, while all of the Sunday School teachers first read the blessings.  The visual image of teenagers “finishing” their schooling reading the end of the Torah at one end and our teachers “beginning” the Torah at the other end with all the young children “wrapped” in the middle by the words of G-d was incredible beautiful.

This was also a rare opportunity in that it is the only time I have touched a Torah since my Bat Mizvah over 26 years ago!  They are such amazing works of art and I am always in awe of the work that goes into creating one whenever I see one close up.

Finally, the children sang several songs for us, were given mini Torahs of their own and certificates, and there was a lot of singing and dancing.  Such a joyous way to start years of study and time at synagogue and I thought it was a lovely morning.

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