Saying Goodbye

Pretty much since the day they were born The Cuties have worn hairbows.  Every holiday card photo, first day of school snapshot, or image of any kind has them be-ribboned in assorted sizes and colors.  I am terrified to even attempt to calculate what we invested over the years in grosgrain products but our girls were born in The South and so I must consider it their birthright {Cute Husband, if you’re reading this, please ignore any and all mention of expenditures and focus on the digital frame on your desk scrolling through incredible adorable pictures of our daughters that I’m sure are only accentuated by their fabulous hair accessories!}.

I LOVED my girls and their matching outfits and matching bows.  THEY loved their matching outfits and bows.  Little Cutie used to insist on “same one” when I tried to save a buck and give one the pink one and the other the green.  No way.  She wanted pink if her big sister was wearing pink.  But now they’re growing up.  They still like to match, but not all the time.  And Big Cutie has long said no way to bows.  Little Cutie will occasionally allow what she calls a “Super Bow” ~ meaning one of the incredibly huge ribbon bows, but ONLY at the top of her ponytail.  Where the heck did my babies go, people???!!!!

So while cleaning and purging Little Cutie’s room this morning I realized it was time to let go of the bows.  No daughter has worn them in years ~ in fact, my Etsy shop originated out of a need for an alternative to hair bows.  So today I bid a fond farewell to the remaining bows.

A few needed to first go to the “Bow Hospital” as they had come undone from their barrettes.  So Nurse Ethel {AKA my glue gun ~ What?  Your glue gun doesn’t have a name?  After all she’s done for you?} to the rescue and together we fixed everyone up, as good as new, and boxed them up to ship to my Cute Niece.

Bon Voyage my little friends!  Enjoy your new home!

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