Do You Boo?

We moved to a new state two years ago and lucked into one of the best neighborhoods and a great street.  Within days of arriving, we’d been brought coffee, donuts, brownies, cookies, take out menus, maps and babysitter lists and the best was yet to come.  We’re a street filled with fun, especially in the fall.  For the Cuties, one of their favorite traditions is “Booing!”

While we’ve still not confirmed which family starts the Booing, we have our strong suspicions {Carole, if you’re reading this ~ I’m talking about you!}.  But if you’re 6 and 8, it’s a pretty sweet way to kick off the Halloween season to open your door to a basket filled with goodies and a poem all about passing along “The Boo.”

We were away last weekend and returned to discover we’d been Booed, so the very first thing we had to do was run right out and purchase our Booing supplies.  First, we scoped out the street to see who had been Booed and who hadn’t.  We made our choice of recipients, and then off to Target we ran!  After MUCH debate as to what each of our families would best like, we made our purchases and returned home to pack them up and then as sneakily as we could, deliver them under the cover of 4:00 pm, LOL.

If your neighborhood doesn’t have a Booing tradition, I highly recommend starting one!  Here are some easy printables to get you started!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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One Response to Do You Boo?

  1. how great! it sounds like a great neighborhood!

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