The Office Tour

We are very lucky in our house to have his and hers offices.  This is a very good thing.  Trust me.  I know this because Cute Husband and I once shared an office.  That, my friends, was not such a good thing.  We have what I will simply dub “a difference of working styles.”

My office/studio used to be up on our third floor and Cute Husband’s office was a room on our bedroom level.  About a year ago in one of my crazed states, I suggested Cute Husband and I switch spaces.  Cute Husband was not such a fan of this idea.  Mostly because he feared this would involve him having to lug furniture up and down a small back staircase.  Never one to have my manic decorating needs dashed, I sent Cute Husband off to work one morning and stealthily called up two of the high school boys on our block.  By the time Cute Husband arrived home, we had completely switched the spaces and everyone is happy with the results!

So here’s my office, right off our master bedroom.  I love that I can work on my Etsy shop while the girls are playing in their rooms, showering, etc.

I really couldn’t decide what color I wanted to paint the walls in here, so in an effort to put something on the windows, work with the color already there, and not spend much, I found these shower curtains that worked great with the wall color and the green accessories I had.  And most importantly, they were cheap.  Did I mention that?

A quirky thing about my office is that it has no door.  The Cuties are very responsible about asking to come in, but I keep threatening to hang a plastic beaded curtain there a la the 60s.  Don’t you think that would be very “me?”

There’s a little sneak peek at goody bags for Big Cutie’s upcoming birthday party ~ much more to come!

Here’s my Felt So Cute supply stash, the products I’ve got for sale and ready for a Holiday Boutique I’m participating in next month, and my little photo studio area.

I have a problem I have to confess with you.  I think it needs it’s own entry in the Physician’s Desk Reference; I MUST fill all bookcase space I have to maximum capacity.  If I bought two more bookcases tomorrow, I would immediately be able to fill them.  Does anyone else suffer from this rare and incurable condition?

This is my small little desk where I only cut felt and singe satin.  I love having special pictures of all my favorite people to look up at and make me smile.

I often find the Cuties dipping into this jar and playing and sorting through it.  How fun is this ~

And this is my main desk area where I use my laptop, do my PTO volunteer work, use the sewing machine and generally make piles!  Wanna know how anal retentive I am and hyper-organized?  See that pile on the desk?  Yep.  Those are our holiday cards, all printed and ready to be addressed.  I need help.  I’m fully aware of it.
And then because I’m putting it all out there, I should share my “Monica closet.”  Do you have one?

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12 Responses to The Office Tour

  1. Myrna says:

    “Monica closet” made me actually laugh out loud! Love the reference!

    I have one, too (or two!)

  2. Anna says:

    Loving the blog!!!!!!!! Can you tell me where you got your desk that you use for your computer?? Thanks!

  3. feltsocute says:

    Thank you. Both desks are from Target, although I believe the larger trestle desk might be an online only item.

  4. Tamar SB says:

    Such a great work space – it’s so colorful and cheerful!

  5. April says:

    Oh my gosh! You are so organized!! I love it!

  6. How pretty! I love those curtains!! Very bright and fun… that’s what I need.

  7. Oh my goodness!! This is sooooo nice!!! I would have so much fun in there! 🙂

  8. Love your office! It looks so full of fun craft things- I would never leave!

  9. Kim says:

    What are you using to hold your headbands? I think I need one.

  10. feltsocute says:

    Kim ~ I’m getting ready for a craft show next month so they’re my actual displays all set up and ready to go. I bought them here {FYI ~ you have to purchase a minimum of 4:

  11. Kim says:

    Thank you! Is that the way you store your daughters headbands? I am looking for something that we can put our on so they won’t get smashed.

  12. feltsocute says:

    No ~ I have an Etsy store, selling headbands I make. So those are the ones made up, ready for shipping. My girls store theirs each differently in their rooms. Big Cutie has an open bin on a shelf that the headbands all are in and Little Cutie has them slipped over the top of a mirror that’s the flip up on a little vanity table in her room. One idea I’ve seen that looks cute is to cover a paper towel roll or oatmeal container in fabric and slip the headbands around those!

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