Happy Birthday Big Cutie!

My oldest daughter is 9 years old today.  Holy moly, how is that possible?

I so vividly remember 9 years ago being only 8 months pregnant, having lunch with my girlfriends, and getting the nursery furniture delivered and put together late that afternoon and joking “well now we can have the baby.”  Around 4 in the morning I woke up *thinking* my water had broken.  But in the ONE {and only one!} childbirth class we’d attended so far, the instructor had pointed out how late in pregnancy women often accidentally pee and think their water has broken and so not to panic.  So I puttered around, decided I might as well pack a bag since we hadn’t done that yet {did I mention I was only 36 weeks!}, and finally, Cute Husband stirred and asked me what in the world I was doing waddling around our bedroom in the middle of the night.  At that point I mentioned the whole “water might have broken thing”and that caught his attention and he suggested this might be a good time to perhaps CALL the doctor.  I think I actually debated with Cute Husband about what if I was wrong and I hated to bother people and it was the middle of the night and yada yada and I’m pretty sure at this point he calmly {bless his heart} reminded me that if I didn’t put some shoes on and get in the car we just MIGHT have a baby in our bedroom and was that REALLY what I had planned?

So off we went to the hospital where the nurse immediately pointed out I was only 36 weeks and mostly likely I’d peed myself in my sleep {yes, I’m sure I gave Cute Husband a look}.  So they did that little litmus test for amniotic fluid and oh yeah, definitely broken waters and we were having a baby.  Once, again, casually trying not to bother anyone I mention that I really and truly believe the baby is breech.  The nurse reassures me that tushies feel like heads all the time and she’s sure it’s fine.  Thankfully my OB arrived at this point and was more than willing to do a quick ultrasound and reassure me, and saw that the baby was not only breech but footling breech {he chalked it up to mother’s intuition ~ I think I just knew what a foot on my bladder for months felt like!}.  My OB very calmly talked about the seriousness of the baby’s position and pretty much we were off to the OR for a c-section.

During all of this, we still didn’t know what we were having!  Cute Husband actually managed to convince me to wait and hold back all of my anal retentive tendencies and not find out the baby’s gender and I love him for it.  While on the operating table, scared out of our minds, my very lovely doctor asked us if we’d picked out names and what they were.  So we told him our boy’s name and our girl’s name, and about two seconds later I heard a cry, and he held a baby up above me and said meet Big Cutie.  Telling me I had a daughter by introducing her with her actual name was such a special way to hear it.  Very nice touch Dr. D!

Big Cutie is my Mini Me in pretty much every way.  Even in the hospital the nurses used to talk about it, joking they didn’t need to check our ID tags because they’d never seen a newborn look so much like her Mama.  Our baby pictures are so identical it’s almost spooky.  Even now, 9 years later, people stop and tell her how much we look alike and how alike our mannerisms are.  Some days she likes it and some days she doesn’t.  I can’t help but love it.  I don’t look much like anyone else in my family and it gives me such joy that my children look like me.

After a weekend of visiting grandparents and parties and celebrating all winding down I’m still simply stunned that this tiny little 5 pounds, 14 ounces we brought home…..

Has turned into this long-legged, always planning, fashion designing, heart of gold, light of my life.

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Big Cutie!

  1. LISA says:

    Oh, your birth story made me choke up…happy birthday to your beauty 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Got goose bumps reading your birth story!
    Happy belated birthday Big Cutie!

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