I Really AM a Soccer Mom

Little Cutie finished up her soccer season yesterday, just in the nick of time, as the weather is getting fairly chilly in New England and weeknight practices are quickly getting dark!

If you’re a 6-year old girl, finding out you’re on the Lavender Lighting {as opposed to say the Green Beans} is pretty hot stuff!  This was a new league for us, and it was a great experience for her.  She really learned a lot about the basics of soccer, offense and defense and because they divide the teams up and play on thirds of fields, they all play, touch the ball and even have a lot of scoring opportunities.  Without full field play there’s a lot less cartwheels and picking dandelions {I’m talking to you, Cute Sister!}.

For all her princesses and Barbie dolls, Little Cutie is kind of a jock {to say she gets this from Cute Husband and not me is the understatement of the year!}.  She is all business on the field!

I’m also fairly certain there are some yellow cards in her future after watching her elbows and arms as she goes after the ball so aggressively!

Little Cutie managed to score several goals this game, including this one, where she and her best buddy on the team actually clearly hatched a plan for a goal and saw it to fruition, much to their delight.  Pretty impressive for 6 year olds!  Now why exactly can’t she manage to hang her coat up on the hook each day after school?

And of course, the best part of the game, since soccer season began….She’s number 5 on the field, and number 1 in our hearts!

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2 Responses to I Really AM a Soccer Mom

  1. Pam says:

    Ok. Too cute. Little cutie lives up to her name. I also think she got some of her soccer skills from an unnamed auntie.

  2. MrsTass says:

    She has a great left foot swing!!! Our girls love having soccer in the Fall. But I agree – up North of Boston – the nights are getting dark early and games near the water are C O L D !! Enjoy these days while they last!

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