Sweet Daddy-O!

There’s really nothing better than being surprised before I’m out of my jammies.  And Cute Husband using wrapping paper is always {to quote Martha!} a Good Thing!

Sigh.  Opening that box got even better.

{Please ignore the chaos on my desk as I ready for my first craft show this week!}


You know it totally pains me that Cute Husband had to actually GO to work and couldn’t stay home and help me transfer everything from my old MacBook to this one and get it completely up and running right.this.second.  I’m kinda impatient like that.  I think I hear The Cuties discussing which one of them they think is getting my old laptop as their own.  Silly girls.  I think not.

But don’t think my insanity has limits, people.  Look what’s already been done ~

My Brother P-Touch label maker still reigns as one of my favorite gifts from Cute Husband of all time!

And on another note, please make sure you vote today!


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