Family Cooking Class

So the four of us took a Family Cooking class at our local Sur La Table store Sunday.  It was a lot of fun, perfect for The Cuties and best of all we got to eat at the end, so no racing home to start cooking dinner.  Woo Hoo!

First off, we made our Brownie Cupcakes so they could bake and then cool to frost.  The Cuties were big fans of beginning with dessert and wanted to know why Cute Husband and I didn’t cook this way.  Clearly we’re doing it wrong.

Here’s Big Cutie being assisted by Chef Matthew~

And here’s Little Cutie incorporating chocolate chips into our batter.  Our resident chocolaholic deserves HUGE props for showing restraint and not shoving her fingers into the batter even though that’s how we roll at home!

Next up we started our Chicken and Black Bean Guacamole Tostadas.  Cute Husband helped The Cuties mash up the avocados.  They much preferred our mortar and pestle at home.  And really, who wouldn’t?  Any tool that makes you feel like a medieval scientist is better than a fork, right?

I’d like to take a moment here and point out that guacamole is Cute Husband’s domain in our household and his pretty much rocks the pants off the recipe we made.  I’m guessing people planning a kids-oriented class err on the side of blander palates.  However in our home, we’ve pretty much taken the approach that a little cilantro or lime never killed a kid, so learn to like it or move out of Mommy’s way when avocado is involved.

Then Chef assigned Little Cutie and I the job of shredding all of our cooked chicken for the recipe.  She was interested in the beginning while I was showing her what to do but then the cupcakes came out of the oven and she pretty much left me to do all the work and develop repetitive motion syndrome in my two pointer fingers from fork work.  Ah, the sacrifices of motherhood.

{I went with braids today to keep my hair back, which I’m not sure is a really appropriate look for a 39 year old woman, but I have freakishly thick long hair and shed like crazy and thought that didn’t really bode well for a group cooking class!  Feel free to tsk! tsk! a la Staci and Clinton if you wish!}

After about two hours and a lot of silliness, we had made the following:

Cheese Crisps

Grilled Vegetables and Mozzarella Paninis

Chicken and Black Bean Guacamole Tostadas

Beef and Cheese Calzones

Brownie Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting


And then of course, we went next door into the store and pretty much wanted to buy all of the fun gadgets we got to use.  However, I was very disappointed because no matter how hard I searched the store, I couldn’t find  the personal assistant/dish washer that Chef Matthew had for our class today.  I’d even have been willing to pay full price!

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2 Responses to Family Cooking Class

  1. That looks like so much fun and so yummy. I don’t think we have anything like that in Australia. Can you share the recipes, or are they copyrighted?


  2. Angela says:

    Looks like fun and sounds delicious. Your hair is cute! I’d have to do the same as I so understand the shedding with super thick, long hair.

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