Random Things

Boys v. Girls

Yesterday I kept my girlfriend’s 4 year old boy for the day and it was completely different from raising little girls and totally awesome.  I had to slay a dragon, walk the plank, learn my lego building was completely inferior and ask “did you flush and wash your hands” about a dozen times.  I think it would have been incredible to have been a Mommy to a little boy, but sorry Cute Husband, the only baby boys coming in this house are puppies in our future {and even then, I really want a girl pup!}

Do You Bento?

I will first acknowledge that I am totally inferior at the art of the Bento.  I am in awe of Japanese women who put so much love and artistic talent into meal creation.  I could look at pictures of them all day long.  Check out this Flickr stream of gorgeous creations!  The Cuties LOVE pretty lunches {and would actually EAT all of the Japanese ones since they beg for sushi almost nightly}, so I do what I can here and there as time permits.  In general, I am a slacker Bento-er, but find it’s fairly easy to grab a mini cookie cutter and throw in a pick or two to brighten the day of a small person.

It’s a little hard to tell in that picture, but the cucumbers are in the shape of turkeys since it’s November!  One of my favorite things about using little divided containers is that I can use up small amounts of leftovers that I used to {ducking} throw out.

And of course no lunch is complete without a note from Mommy! {and yes, that’s a Lilly Pulitzer napkin – I’m obsessed!}

For MUCH better ideas on American Mommy Bentos check out my friend Melissa’s Blog!

Awesome Giveaways!

Check out the fabulous giveaways today at A to Zebra Celebrations!  You just might see a familiar friend 🙂

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One Response to Random Things

  1. What an absolute sweet lunch for your daughter! I am inspired to get a bento box now.

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