These Chains of Love

We had “The Ick” in our house recently.  While Big Cutie and I were laid up with it, we got a little bored, but had fairly low energy, so we needed a project that allowed us to remain in our jammies, lay in bed and simultaneously watch TV.

Solution:  Paper Chains!

I grabbed a bunch of card stock and cut one inch strips and then we each took a stapler and went to work.  In case you’ve never made paper chains before Big Cutie helped me make a super quick How To!

For your first chain, you simply roll your strip in a circle and staple the ends together where they overlap.  Then take a strip and slip it through that loop like this~

{Please ignore the shadow from my giant head ~ Mama’s photography is not on her A game with Strep Throat}.

Once you’ve slipped your next strip through, you again staple where they overlap and keep repeating until your chain is long enough.

We hung these in our breakfast room along with some sparkly snowflakes so we can enjoy them for Hanukkah and all winter long!

I love paper chains for decorations ~ they’re so simple and old-school, but always happy and festive!  If your kiddos are too little to work a stapler on their own, scotch tape works great too!

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