Come Light the Menorah!

Our menorahs are out and ready to go!

I love to see our buffet all set up for the holiday.  Our tradition is that every member of the family has their own menorah to light {and we have a few spares for guests}.  My favorites are the ones The Cuties made in preschool.  I think it’s a right of passage for all children who attend a Jewish preschool to make a menorah out of scraps of wood and hardware nuts.  I know I made the same kind many, many years ago!

First is Big Cutie’s and then Little Cutie’s {you can tell Big Cutie’s menorah has a few more years of candle wax drippings we can’t get off, LOL!}:

Here’s Cute Husband’s Michael Aram menorah.  The coolest thing about it is that when arched downward, the candlesticks are exposed and it’s a functional menorah, but the rest of the year, we flip it over and it’s a sculpture that sits out.  Neat, right?!

And finally, here’s mine!  Since Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t make a menorah {although how cool would THAT be?}, I think a Waterford one is nice and girly for me.  It was one of the first wedding presents Cute Husband and I received and came from Cute Sister, so it’s extra special and this will be the 14th year we’ve lit it.

All of our menorahs sit on a felt runner I made this year that I appliqued with a ‘G’ out of light blue felt.  It was my first project like this and I’m pretty pleased with it.

So here it all is put together and set up ready to light our first candles on Wednesday night.  I hung our Hanukkah ragamuffin garland here for the first time and like it.  You can also see my Sneaky Centerpiece on the buffet and check out the how to here.



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4 Responses to Come Light the Menorah!

  1. wespiegels says:

    Looks super!

  2. Mary says:

    I am not Jewish, so your post and holiday vignette is wonderful and exciting to me! I think the cuties’ menorahs are just that–> CUTE and sweet. I adore the beautiful ragmuffin garland. Happy Hanukkah!

  3. Looks very nice. I especially love the olive branch menorah. While my husband and I are not Jewish we have a few friends that are. We also live in an area that you could say doesn’t have a lot of “ethnic diversity”. We want to expose are children to a variety of cultures and religious traditions, other than our Catholic faith.

    While I have celebrated passover a number of times would it be culturally acceptable for my husband and I to celebrate Chanukah with our son?

  4. Denise says:

    It’s just beautiful!! I love the kids little handmade menorah’s and both you and your hubbies are gorgeous. The gold coins that you put in the vase is such a neat idea. Love it! It all looks so welcoming and festive! Found you through Rhoda’s party! 🙂

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