Let the Decorating Begin!

The turkey has been eaten.  Our bellies are stuffed and even the dishes are done.

That means there’s only one thing left to do ~ open Hanukkah bins from the attic like a madwoman, enlist the help of Cute Husband and The Cuties, and spread blue and gold throughout the house!  Only six more days ’til Hanukkah!

So I shared our paper chain project here, but we finished prettying up the rest of the breakfast room and getting it all set up for Hanukkah and the “winter season.”

Here are our countdown calendars from Land of Nod.  Each night, the girls get a tiny trinket like a new dreidle, an eraser or lipgloss in their pocket and they flip out the little candle on a string to mark off the night.

We added a little Happy Hanukkah felt garland and a snowman Little Cutie painted a few years ago, in addition to a menorah banner Big Cutie made at Hebrew School one year {I’m so glad a wise girlfriend with older children once told me to remember to write the date on the backs of their projects ~ I LOVE seeing how old they were when they did things as we pull them out, year after year!}.

We even set our table for breakfast tomorrow using our new Target Hanukkah plates I bought The Cuties.  We are R-E-A-D-Y.  I guess I have to drag out the electric fryer and start thinking about latkes now.

How many of you pulled out your menorahs or put up your Christmas trees as soon as you packed away the turkey leftovers?

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1 Response to Let the Decorating Begin!

  1. Lisa says:

    Love all your decorations! It’s so nice to see how others decorate for Hanukkah as well. I’m going to post mine tomorrow!

    We put all our stuff up over the weekend since it’s so early this year, but I usually like to wait until the first week of December.

    I love that everyone in your family lights their own menorah. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and use all the ones you’ve collected over the years!

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