I am Such a Sucker

Alright, here’s the deal.

It’s been about six months since we’ve had a dog.  As a family we’re ready for another dog.  The Cuties loved our Newfoundland but did find the “slob” a little overwhelming at times, so we opted to leave the wild and wonderful world of giant breeds {somewhat crushing my dream of a Landseer Newfie named Oreo or a St. Bernard with a huge pink & green collar named Lilly}.

So Cute Husband and I have done a semi-obsessive amount of research into many, many breeds.  After WEEKS of Googling, pouring through books, contacting breed associations and generally making a nuisance of ourselves with anyone with an available email address, we finally settled on Flat Coated Retrievers; awesome family dogs and cousins to our beloved Newfoundlands.

Saturday, we thought it would be a fun activity to attend a regional dog show and let The Cuties meet a whole bunch of “Flatties” in person of all different ages, we could talk to breeders about our plans for a spring litter and we could also check out a show.

The next thing I knew, one of the experts we’d been talking with via email, met us in person, introduced us to a breeder who “just happened to have a puppy ready to go right now” and pretty much a love connection was made.  So this morning we went and met the puppy and well…..

Introducing Maisy, our 10 week old Flat Coated Retriever!

She loves to sneak under and through our living room coffee table which I suspect there will only be room to do for a few more weeks!

She is obsessed with “the puppy in the mirror” which cracks us up.

And has loved on all of us and her new sock monkey we bought her.

I am totally and completely smitten.  She is too sweet with The Cuties, has explored most of the house, is doing awesome on her leash, and is comfortably sleeping in her crate all on her own accord as I type.

I’m so glad our perfectly laid out plans for a spring puppy were dashed!  🙂

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3 Responses to I am Such a Sucker

  1. MrsTass says:

    What a JOY!! I have been on the fence about getting a new dog (we lost our two Goldens) and your new puppy is pushing me over the edge! I struggle with leaving the golden breed and looking at other breeds. Your pup might be the perfect match for us too! And, BTW she would look fabulous in a pink and green collar ❤

  2. Lisa says:

    She is adorable! How cute! And I love the sock monkey toy…I got my kitty a sock monkey too : )

  3. Ash says:

    You are a woman after my own heart! I came over from your comment on our site, Greeneyed.com – and what do you know – WE”RE KINDRED CANINE SPIRITS. Okay, that sounds creepy. But seriously, I have a 5 year old flat-coated retriever named Ursa that I got as a graduation present from college at 8 weeks old. And my husband and I just rescued a Golden Retriever/Newfie mix 6 months ago. We LOVE our big, black (crazy) dogs – and I love that you do too. These pix remind me so much of Ursa – enjoy her! So cute! SOOOOO full of energy! Not a dull moment. And wonderful with children. Our dogs are like nannies to my 18-month old.

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