What to Do with Holiday Cards

Once upon a time I wasn’t a very nice person.

I used to open holiday cards, look at them and read them and then {gasp!} toss them.

But that was before we had children and went through the agony of shopping for outfits and then getting everyone dressed for holiday card pictures, praying the weather would cooperate for outdoor photo sessions, suffer through whining and tears {often mine!}, and then pour through all the many, many pictures with my fingers crossed hoping for just one shot “good enough” to send out to all our friends and family.

And now I know better.

I know how precious those pictures are.  I know the thought and effort that go into them and I treasure them on a different level than I used to.  And because we have moved often and have friends and families across the country, I want The Cuties to be able to see pictures of people important in our lives.

So I’ve come up with an easy idea to keep all of our cards year after year.

Every year, we take our cards and hang them on a ribbon across our mantel as they arrive {check out a picture here}.  After the holidays, I simply cut out the photos, and attach them to cardstock and write the names of the people in the pictures underneath with a Sharpie {you’ll want to use some sort of permanent marker so it doesn’t fade over the years}.  I then run the pages through my small home laminator and take them over to Kinko’s and have them bind them with a spiral ring {this only costs a couple of dollars}.

I make sure to write the date somewhere on the book and then I put them out each year at the holidays in our big basket filled with Hanukkah story books.  It’s fun to go back and look at how the kids have grown up over the years!

So now I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, P-R-O-M-I-S-E that if you send us a holiday card it will be saved for posterity in our house and many nights, the Felt So Cutes will sit in front of the fire and admire how lovely your family has grown up over the years!

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15 Responses to What to Do with Holiday Cards

  1. Your kids will treasure this when they are grown and can look back at all of their friends and family, what a great idea!

    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment at Yoga Gal.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Polly says:

    Now that is resourceful! You are the first person I’ve ever heard that keeps them longer than a month. Except for grandparents, of course. Just stopping by from NFF. Feel free to swing by http://www.learnandgopollyco.blogspot.com sometime!

  3. Suzanne says:

    This is a really smart idea. I laughed when I read your intro. Every year, we go through the crazies to get a holiday picture taken but every year we do it because it’s really important to ME to have the documentation of our family. We have a frame that we add our picture to each year so we can see how our family has changed and grown.

  4. Beth says:

    Precious and thoughtful! Thanks for sharing that wonderful idea!

  5. Jen says:

    Great idea! I always keep the photo cards but never know what to do with them. My son will love looking through a book of photos! 🙂

  6. This is genius. Pure genius. I also hate tossing cards, but don’t know what to do with them. Thank you for a great solution!

  7. Shannon says:

    Cute idea! I should start nwo since onyl a handful of friends have kids and then watch as everyone “grows up” and starts their families!

  8. Shannon says:

    (Sorry about the typos!! eek!)

    Cute idea! I should start now since only a handful of friends have kids and then watch as everyone “grows up” and starts their families!

  9. Sistergirl says:

    Oh thanks for sharing your holiday pics, I have never been to a Jewish persons home so I wasn’t sure how you actually celebrated the holidays. Don’t want to seem too dumb, lol, but I didn’t know decorating was part of your tradition. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lisa says:

    Very cute idea! And it’s so nice to be able to look back and see how the kids grew up

  11. larsinnh says:

    What a cute idea!! I scrapbook, so that’s what I do with mine…but this is such a great idea!

  12. Jill says:

    i love this idea. Looks great

  13. Carolyn Almonte says:

    I save my cards too. They all go in a scrapbook. My kids love to look back to see how much everyone has grown. It’s been 10 years since I first started doing this.

  14. Toni says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sharim says:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait get my cards organized this way. I’ll will be a great project to do with the kids during the holidays.

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