My PPIT is Busy at Work!

That’s a Party Planner in Training just in case you weren’t in the know! 😉

Little Cutie’s 7th birthday party is in less than 4 weeks and boy does she have some opinions about what she would like!

Request #1: She wanted it somewhere other than our house.  Now some parents might take slight offense to this but when you have a January birthday and have spent the past couple of parties watching snow pour down and your parents scramble to shovel and salt the walk in time for your little friends to safely arrive, I can understand the wisdom of seeking a professionally snowplowed lot on party day!  Luckily our local My Gym is owned by neighbors and they offer great programs and parties for older kids, so mission accomplished!

Request #2: She wanted to choose her invitations.  However, to a 6 year old, I quickly realized that this translated into “Mommy should pick a few invitations I might like but let me have the final say.”  No problem and once again we went with Tiny Prints {I should really start getting some compensation from them, LOL!} and picked this cute one ~

3rd Request: She wants purple and lime green for her cupcake liners, paper goods and any decorations we bring over to the gym.  I have NO idea where that combination came from or why it’s so meaningful to her, but I LOVE that she’s a girl who know’s what she wants and so I’m happy to oblige.  I found the perfect cupcake liners at Sur La Table in purple with white polka dots and lime green with white polka dots and she literally squealed with glee tonight when I pulled them out of the bag!

And even better, I have ordered this Design it Yourself collection of cupcake wrappers, water bottle labels, goody bag labels and cupcake toppers from Chickabug’s Etsy shop and she colormatched the purple and lime green perfectly!

We are currently in heavy negotiations as to what will make the perfect party favor for her friends.  I anxious await what Little Cutie will come up with, but would love any suggestions for 15 six and seven year olds!


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2 Responses to My PPIT is Busy at Work!

  1. Eileen says:

    If the party is at a gym does that mean they will be doing fitness type activities? If that’s the case then how about some gym gear…sweat bands, water bottle, running shoe laces, a medal on a ribbon etc? Or is that not girly enough ? My 7 year old is totally into sports so she would love that stuff…

  2. Maria says:

    The gymnastic ribbon attached to a stick like:

    Given how crafty you are, it seems like it would be a breeze to make in the party girl’s custom colors.

    Sounds like a great party! I have a 1/29 baby and it’s always so hard coming up with creative things at that time of year.

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