Cold Day Chic

It’s snowing again here, and supposed to all day long.

I’ve got a day of errands I’ve got to run, and that means being bundled up and getting in and out of my car all day long.  So I decided I needed a little touch of bling in my life today.

So I whipped up one of my Felt So Cute flowers {I usually put them on headbands, clippies or ponytail holders in my Etsy shop}, added a pin on the back and put in on a hat.

I’m planning on making corny “I Felt So Cute” in my hat jokes all day long.  But y’all already knew I was a big dork like that, didn’t you?

P.S.  Nothing makes me feel older than looking at an uber close-up photograph of my wintery, aging hands.  Yikes!

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4 Responses to Cold Day Chic

  1. That sure added a bit of bling to your hat.

  2. Melanie says:

    SUPER cute!!! Is that just safety pinned on? Off to check your etsy site to see if you still offer pins! 🙂

  3. feltsocute says:

    The flower is a pin and I am sold out, but if you want one, just send me a Conversation telling me what you’d like and I am more than happy to make you up anything as a custom order (they’re $8).

  4. Rachel says:

    on the contrary! i think you look so young and fresh! super cute!

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