Birthday Party Wrap Up

Little Cutie’s party was a total success.  According to her.  According to all her friends.  According to Cute Husband.  According to Big Cutie.  I am a very happy Mommy.

First, Chickabug did such a cute job on all my party printables ~

The birthday girl had a big smile the whole day!

Everyone was very amused when Cute Husband and I demonstrated how to joust!

And then Little Cutie and I had a go.  As I was tucking her into bed later that night she asked me if she really knocked me off or I pretended.  I *might* have played it a wee bit over the top.  You tell me, LOL!

The zip wire was great fun for all the girlies.

{they didn’t let ME do it ~ what’s up with THAT?!!!}

She loved being pulled around to high-five all her friends to blaring rock music.  Then again, who wouldn’t?

After all that running around, dancing and squealing, by the time we had cupcakes and parents came for pick up, the girls were literally SILENT.  I’m betting there were some great sleepers around town that night, LOL!

We then went to our favorite Tapas place for dinner at her request {because all 7 year olds request Spanish food for their birthday dinners!}.  She decided part of being a big girl was that she was going to order something new and different and insisted what she wanted was one of their entrees ~ shrimp and lobster bisque.  What arrived, was literally a PLATTER filled with shrimp, lobster, clams, and mussels, and I was so proud of her for trying everything and pushing away her grandmothers’ spoons so she could eat it all herself!  The restaurant then sent over a chocolate torte with raspberries for her birthday that she managed to find room for and then literally climbed into Cute Husband’s lap and announced she was done with her birthday and ready for bed!

P.S.  Thanks to the many of you who weighed in on the great “birthday favor debate.”  We decided to forgo a goody bag assortment and I simply passed out a big hula hoop to each girl as they left, with a tag that said “Thanks for coming to my party!”  They were a hit!

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3 Responses to Birthday Party Wrap Up

  1. What a fun time you all had. Some of those ideas were great even for adult parties. Happy Birthday again.

  2. Rachel says:

    What a precious family picture!

    Glad the day was a success, she is such a…well, “little cutie!” 🙂

  3. Susie says:

    So much fun reading about your adventures, you do a wonderful job on your blog. Your little cutie looks so much like you in the family pic! Happy birthday little one, your day looked like fun!

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