Organizing Challenge ~ The Bathroom Sink

I’ve got something I’ve been working on all weekend I’m almost ready to share, but until then, I finished today’s Organzing Challenge and thought I’d post quick before and afters.

We have what I have dubbed “The World’s Smallest Master Bathroom in Proportion to House Size in the History of the World.”  It’s a design category, I promise.  Look it up.  So as a result, there’s very little storage room and we mostly use the linen closet bins I shared in this post.  But even with very little under our tiny sink, it still had become a clutter zone.

I love when I finally get motivated to tackle something that’s been nagging at me for forever, and discover that in actuality it’s a project that takes less than a half an hour from start to finish!  I relocated that glass shelf {and figured out it’s the spare shelf to our over the toilet shelf!} to the attic where it belongs, dumped a bunch of garbage, sorted things into the linen closet bins, and reorganized what should stay.  And voila!

Cute Husband has his dopp kitt easily accessible for last minute business trips, and I know you’re oohing and aahing over my cute leopard print shower cap for mornings I skip washing my hair {did I share too much?}.  The anal-retentive part of my brain is thoroughly irritated that the two bins don’t match, but the lazy and cheap part of my brain is enjoying that they were free and already in the house on a morning when it’s only 14 degrees outside!

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3 Responses to Organizing Challenge ~ The Bathroom Sink

  1. Eileen says:

    Looks great! You can easily have a shelf cut for that cabinet, they just need to notch out the pipes…then you can have 2 levels for storage!

  2. Amanda says:

    looks good! i’m with you its too cold out and i’m too lazy to go get matching baskets!

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