Introducing the Mommy Collection!

I’ve been a busy little bee the last few days and have some new things in my Etsy shop!

After my post on blinging up my own knit hats on cold days, many of you asked me about purchasing pins like mine and so I created a line of pins specifically with Moms in mind.  I am very much a hat and scarf girl, and so I wear my Felt So Cute pins all the time.  They are perfect on a chunky knit hat like this ~

Or on a coat lapel like this ~

Or made up to match any favorite scarf or pashmina like this ~

Of course these are just a sampling of my ridiculously huge collection of scarves and hats.  I also wear them on cardigans, fitted sweaters, jean jackets, or to snazz up a plain tote bag {does anyone actually use the word snazz anymore?}.  “Mommy Pins” can be made to match anything you’d like, and of course can be made in a coordinating smaller size for special girls in your house {not that The Cuties put in their “orders” the minute they see me sporting something new or anything!}.

I’ve got felt in more than 25 colors in stock and am more than happy to match an item you send me a photo of or link to, or help you design something fun via an email or Etsy conversation.

Felt So Cute on Etsy

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