BFFs 4ever!

I have the best BFF {and yes, I know that’s a bit redundant}.

In the almost 20 years we’ve been friends, she’s done many extremely cool things for me, but my all-time favorite thing is that she had her babies pretty much right along with me both times.  In fact, Cute Husband, Big Cutie and I were visiting an 8-month pregnant Cute BFF and her husband when I happened to mention that if she wanted to just go ahead and have the baby while we were there that would be kind of awesome if we got to be the first to see the baby and all.  About 12 hours later HER Big Cutie was born.  I mean, seriously, is that friendship or what?

So since MY Little Cutie just had a birthday, that means it’s time for HER Little Cutie to have a birthday.  I don’t suffer through sewing things for just anyone, but I saw this fabric and it screamed her name {Cute BFF ~ if you are reading this, please kick Miss K out of the room if her package has not yet arrived!}.

The shirt was made the same way I made Big Cutie’s that you can read here.  But since Cute BFF is pretty much my very best Felt So Cute Etsy customer {‘cuz that’s what BFFs do!}, I decided to design a new headband that Miss K didn’t already have, to wear with her new shirt.  I made a button out of a scrap of the coordinating fabric and used that instead of the usual rhinestone center to my felt flower.

And off to the post office I went after adding a little extra pin to the bow!

Wait a minute….how did that sneak into the box?

C’mon ~ she’s SO much fun to buy stuff for.  The woman has a full working PUB BAR in her house AND loves monograms almost as much as I do.  The possibilities are endless.

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One Response to BFFs 4ever!

  1. How cool just having the baby while visiting! Darling headband and initial shirt, love the fabric! I also love your wrapping!


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