Homemade Valentines

We’ve had a lot of time to kill lately, what with a half a dozen snow days in New England just in 2011!  So while we’ve never been a big fan of boxed character Valentines {what’s with the dinky size and lack of envelopes nowadays?}, all this excessive time has begged for some more elaborate projects.

In searching the Blogosphere I found some incredible projects that I would have been all over back when The Cuties were in preschool and it was all mine to do.  However, now that they are big girls {as they tell me ad nauseum} we needed to find things in which they could truly be involved.

Big Cutie tackled hers first.  She’s in Third Grade and reading pretty much rules her world.  So we decided to make personalized bookmarks and were inspired by this tutorial.  We stretched this project into almost an entire snow day.  She searched every single one of my fonts, made her selection and then entered the names of all her classmates into a simple Word document and we printed them on cardstock.  We then trimmed those and ran them through the Xyron machine with the sticker cartridge and mounted them on red and pink cardstock and again trimmed them up.  Check her out!

Then we came up with a little “pun” and printed those up and used the circle and petal cutters, layering them as before {I was desperate to occupy her by this day and the more steps she could do herself that day the better!}

We tied the tags onto the bookmarks with some coordinating ribbon, she added some stickers and we were good to go!

Little Cutie’s First Grade class is all about Knock Knock jokes.  It’s part of their circle time, and she loves to come home and tell me the day’s joke and see if I can figure it out.  So we had to work a Knock Knock joke into her Valentine!

So we decided on little tissue packs with a sneeze joke.  I toyed with sewing up cute little reusable covers for the mini packs out of felt.  That lasted about 4 seconds before I got over it and realized most of these would never even make it out of the backpack, let alone be refilled and I had 14 loads of laundry to do, a puppy with a plastic cone around her head, my FIL’s 70th birthday present to still make and no idea what to serve for dinner.  A bow would clearly suffice.

Little Cutie isn’t *quite* as detail oriented as Big Cutie, so she was much faster at picking a font and helping me type and print up her joke on tags.  She then wrote each classmate’s name on the back of the tag.  Here she is hard at work.  I’m stunned I didn’t catch her tongue sticking out as that’s her usual way.

After that, she punched a hole at the top and helped me tie a ribbon around a mini tissue pack and we slipped the tag on.  She’ll pass them out to their Valentine “mailboxes” on Monday and is very excited.

Nothing earth-shattering, but my Cuties are happy girls, we killed some time, and knowing Monday will bring class parties filled with sugar and sweets I’m happy not to be sending in more candy.  Mission accomplished.

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3 Responses to Homemade Valentines

  1. Haley says:

    I love your Valentine ideas. I think I will use your bookmark idea next year.

  2. Love, love, love the tissue idea–and that no candy is involved!!! Definitely going to use that one next year.

  3. Stephanie says:

    LOVE the valentines and the type font!!
    Also, gave you a stylish blogger award – check it out here:

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