Organizational Challenge: Launch Pad

I crave a mud room.

Seriously.  I dream about mud rooms.  I love my house; I truly do.  But I often find myself fantasizing about entering my home through a room with floor to ceiling cubbies with built-in benches, funky hooks for dog leashes and clever storage for everything from ice skates to seldom-used appliances.  I rip pages out of magazines.  I bookmark blogs and websites like a madwoman.  I’ve even drawn sketches on graph paper.  It’s clearly not healthy.

But I’m a resourceful woman {some days!}, and it’s amazing what some hooks, plastic bins and a label maker can do!

We generally enter our home through a narrow back doorway after walking the length of our property from our detached garage.  That means we often are carting a LOT of stuff back and forth, in an attempt to minimize our trips {I said I was resourceful, but never denied my laziness!}.

On the righthand side of the hallway, we have a lower set of hooks for The Cuties to hang their things. The rules are that backpacks are emptied and placed on the kitchen counter to go through and then hung up on the hooks, along with their black and white bags, which are their “snow bags.”  Our school requires students to bring their snow gear back and forth in a separate bag each day, so those stay packed at all times with those things, ready to go each morning.  The red L.L. Bean tote bag is our library bag, and all books “live” there in attempt to keep them from going AWOL.  And then of course a boot tray, because well ~ it’s New England ~ enough said!

On the lefthand side, is a similar set of hooks {both are from a local shop}, hung higher for Cute Husband and I to hang our coats and things.  They usually have both of our coats, my purse and his gym bag and then I snuck a 3M hook underneath to keep the grocery store bags so I can grab them on my way out.

Then we have this great set of cabinets and drawers that while technically part of the start of kitchen, have been commandeered for our Launch Pad.

There’s a small set of hooks for our keys, charging stations for all the assorted phones and Bluetooths {Blueteeth?}, a donations can for loose change, a message pad & pencils while listening to the answering machine and space on the counter top to drop packages.  We also use that big top left drawer for all of our hats, mittens & scarves so they go in there and the drawer is shut tightly as our puppy is quite the accessories thief!

I’m also able to use the space in the cabinets to help me as I get organized for the day a bit.  Our Kitchen Portfolio is stored there {I talk about that here}, as well as some basic office supplies like stamps, envelopes, & a stapler, which come in handy as I’m going through school folders and need to write a check for a field trip.  I also have pads of paper for sending in notes to teachers and a small bin with some basic first aid items like bandaids or children’s Tylenol downstairs.  We also spend a LOT of time outside in nice weather so I can quickly grab the Sunscreen & Bugspray and get everyone set to go out or ready for daycamp.  Once lunchboxes are emptied they are stored here, and of course the ever-important Take Out menus have their own little special place here as well!  🙂



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8 Responses to Organizational Challenge: Launch Pad

  1. Haley says:

    I also dream of mud rooms. I swear, in our next house we will have one. I like how you’ve used your space. I think I need more hooks!

  2. My husband’s former manager’s mudroom is larger than our kitchen. It’s ridiculous. I also dream of mudrooms and have installed many hooks and a shoe organizing system but will have to adjust as the boys’ shoes get bigger and they start school!!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I have been reading for about a month and love your blog (my two little girls and I even made your Valentine’s wreaths and we will be glitering dreidels next year)!

    You already have your mudroom! We have one of the type you described–attached to our laundry room is a little half bath and a row of five built-in cubbies with three compartments and three hooks each–tile floors carefully installed so the hardwood isn’t damaged. BUT it isn’t nearly as functional as what you have. We failed to put a mail-center/phone center or a cabinet and it isn’t so functional. Yours, however, is brilliant! I love the things you tucked away in your cabinet– it has actually inspired me to modify my mudroom so that it is more like your “un-mudroom.”

  4. dawn says:

    I dream of my mudroom and have a dream mudroom binder filled with ideas. I love love your mudroom. It’s so cute and fun and tons of space with your cabinet. This is organized space too, yippee for you.

  5. erin says:

    A friend just turned me onto your blog this morning because I just did a little makeover at our back entry also! Yours looks great and I would LOVE to have that “Launch Pad” area! One thing that I used that I’ve loved are these handy wall pockets! If you have any wall area left, I would highly recommend them! They’re great for evey my 2 year old to just throw her stuff in when she walks in the door. Great job on your space! I’ve enjoyed looking back and reading some of your older posts today! Your blog was a fun find!

    Here is a link to my entry post:

  6. Toni says:

    I choose your launch pad to be featured on my blog tomorrow. Congratulations!!

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  7. Tanya says:

    I want a mudroom too! All I have is a hall tree, which is constantly loaded down. This is gorgeous!! I love the vintage tin hook things. The paint color is FABULOUS! I’ve been looking for a similar green. Do you know the name of the color?

  8. feltsocute says:

    Benjamin Moore Stem Green {and thank you!}

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