On the Road Again….

The Felt So Cutes travel a LOT.  The Cuties have had passports, frequent flyers cards and their own suitcases since they were infants, so they know the travel routine well.  However with the rising costs of airline tickets and add-ons like baggage charges, we’ve started driving more and more places and have learned to embrace Road Trips.

Here are a few of our packing favorites:

We always pack an abundance of snacks for the road in order to minimize stops.  The Cuties are really good eaters so I’m totally fine with a day or two on vacations where we don’t have regular meals, especially if that means not having to stop for fast food and add time when we’ve got hours to go.  So I throw in tons of yummy treats ~ nuts, fruit, granola bars, mini bagels, pretzels, etc.  I also pack a little ziploc with small garbage bags and Wet Naps in case of messes!

Each girl also has a designated “car bag” {they’re these great bags that I’ve bought here or occasionally at Marshalls}.   The night before we leave they put a few things in there and then I always add a new book or toy to help make the trip a little more interesting.  Their lovies go in their so they are accessible in case they want to nap or we’re driving late at night, and I just added mini Pillow Pals they can use as well.  Because we travel so much, we did invest in both DSis and Nanos for the girls {always with safety headphones so as not to annoy other passengers on a flight or Mom & Dad in the car!}.  Our girls are very responsible with their electronics and they have come in handy on more than one very delayed flight.

Another idea is definitely not my original idea and I’ve read it so many places I don’t even know whom to credit!  Some times The Cuties are in a connecting hotel room and other times they might stay at their grandparents’ while Cute Husband and I stay at nearby hotel {fun for everyone!}.  So to make things less confusing, I pack their clothing by outfit in a ziploc bag and write on the outside which day and then which pair of shoes they should wear with it.  When they help me choose what to pack, we add in headbands, bracelets, and any other accessories they want, and it’s all there together, easy to access.

Finally, MY must-have packing item is my Mobile Hotspot! It gives me wireless access with my laptop anywhere ~ in fact, I’m blogging from the passenger seat of the minivan somewhere on the Jersey Turnpike right now, LOL!  While that’s not always the most practical application, it does come in handy in an airport or when renting a beach house for a week as it can hold up to five connections!

For those of you who are also always on the go ~ leave a comment and share your tips!

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One Response to On the Road Again….

  1. Corrie says:

    Just had to smile at the squeeze applesauce in the bag! My kids LOVE those and we have started taking them everywhere. We are doing a road trip from MN to FL this summer, so these tips are very helpful. Thanks!

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