Jars of Happiness

Well this just makes me smile.

Let’s sneak a closer peek, shall we?

I like my snacks right where I can see them and these jars have been a big hit in our house {source: Walmart, $9 each}.  It’s nice to see where our granola & dried fruit supply is and since we go through so much this helps us store it since our pantry is so piddly.  I got the idea to use a silver baby cup as a scoop from a blog long before I became a blogger and I can’t remember the source for the life of me ~ if it’s yours, please let me know so I can credit your brilliance!  And having a big jar for baked goods had encouraged us to make sure that jar is filled as often as possible!

Excuse me.  I am off to get a glass of milk and stuff my face with cookies have a snack.

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6 Responses to Jars of Happiness

  1. I love that you used a silver baby cup. I use some of my mom’s old tea cups as scoops. She has since passed away, so I love the memory.

    Can I have a cookie?


  2. audrey ayers says:

    Love the jars! I have 2 of the Walmart ones on my counter right now for flour and sugar! *Great minds think alike!* Your menu on the chalk board of Penne w/ Vodka Sauce reminds me of a mistake in one of my cookbooks: instead of 1/2 cup of Vodka….they forgot the “/”, so it calls for 12 cups of Vodka! Maybe that’s the sauce you use when you’ve had an incredibly bad day. 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    I have those jars and love them, too! If my kids weren’t still so young and prone to breaking things (oh, who am I kidding?? It’s my husband who’s dropped the pitcher to the blender, 3 (yes, 3) carafes that went to our coffee-maker, all of the wine glasses that we got for our wedding, and…) I’d have 20 of them and use them for everything that I have in bulk – rice, lentils, oats, etc. Actually, the 3 that we have have lasted a good long time…maybe because I’ve got boring stuff, like flour, in them that no one else but me ever reaches for??

  4. Love these jars and all the projects you make… so I gave you a blog award today – the Versatile Blogger! Feel free to play along… just wanted to tell you I’m a fan!

  5. Kerri says:

    You have the best ideas. I hope to get myself together this summer. I am starring aall of your ideas for then! 😉

  6. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! Do you keep cookies in the house? My jar would constantly be empty! LOL

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