Passover Plagues

When Cute Husband and I first began hosting our own Passover Seders years ago we opted to created family-friendly services that incorporated tradition and children.  We’ve grown and changed over the years as high chairs have morphed into coloring book Haggadahs {the Passover service prayer book} and now into a version more appropriate for our growing girls.  But we still have fun, and of course a little silliness.

A couple of years ago I created “Plague Bags” to serve a few purposes at our table:  they were placecards on the table; were more appropriate for young children to use as we called out each plague’s name in the service than drops of wine; and they were toys they could entertain themselves with as the service carried on and we hadn’t reached the meal.

While these are easy and fairly inexpensive to create, depending on the number of people at your Seder, you might want to order things in bulk to cut down on expenses, so I thought I’d go ahead and share this now to give you plenty of time to get things.

I started with simple little organza bags from Michael’s that are sold in multi-packs in the wedding section.  I then brainstormed something to represent each of the 10 plagues ~ at times I had to stretch it a bit, but we had fun.

Starting at 12 o’clock, I’ll walk you through our Plagues ~

Sunglasses to represent Darkness

Cow figurines to represent Cattle Disease/Pestilence

Mini styrofoam balls to represent Hail {each bag has a bunch of these and guests at our Seder are encouraged to toss their hail into the air at the appropriate time}

Crawly bugs to represent Lice {ours wind up and can crawl across the table for extra fun}

Bubblewrap strip to represent Boils {a little grody, but fun to pop!}

Plastic babies to represent The Slaying of the Firstborn {as an eldest child I prefer not to talk about this one too much!}

Bug sticker to represent Locusts {totally lame, I know, but I’ve yet to find better}

Flat, red glass marbles to represent Blood

Rubber stretchy frogs to represent Frogs {duh}

An assortment of different animals from our toy stash to represent Wild Beasts {the elephant is always mine, just an FYI}.

If you’re not interested in pulling together your own Plague Bags, there are some really fun versions to purchase {all of these are from The Source for Everything Jewish}.

And of course, Little Cutie, the chocolate-lover, highly recommends we get this box of chocolate plagues and a chocolate Seder plate.


Creative Jewish Mom


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7 Responses to Passover Plagues

  1. Kathryn says:

    I love this idea!! I think the sunglasses for darkness and bubble wrap for boils are especially creative. Thank you, I foresee a new tradition emerging at our seder table now. 🙂

  2. Very creative! I love the chocolates too, I have never seen such Passover details in chocolates, other than chocolate covered Matzo!!!!

  3. Lynne says:


  4. love it! and thanks so much for the head start…..I’ve still got tons to do for Purim, but will start on Passover on Monday! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  5. Steff says:

    … seriously? Cuddly soft toy plagues? I am in love!
    Your version is pretty darn cool, too! The lice cracked me up 😀

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