Big Girl Room Sneak Peek

Little Cutie is getting a major room overhaul.  We’re moving her out of her little bedroom up to our guest room on the finished attic level.  She spends a lot of time playing in her room and reading there, and currently has the smallest room in the house.  The guest room is considerably larger, so we did a *trial run* over winter break to make sure she was ok sleeping on a level separate from us {which Little Miss Independent totally was}, and are now ready to begin the big decorating adventure.

Little Cutie and I have spent a lot of time looking at ideas, talking about what she wants {and doesn’t want}, what she thinks she needs, etc.  She chose the bedding, and then the rest is her belated birthday present from us {she knew it wouldn’t happen until March for a variety of reasons}, and will be a total surprise reveal!

Shipping boxes are beginning to arrive at Casa Felt So Cute, so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek since Little Cutie doesn’t read my blog….

The bedding choice and color inspiration {Cute Husband thinks I worked some sort of Mommy voodoo on Little Cutie to get her to agree to Lilly Pulitzer bedding, but she truly chose this herself.  While I’m a preppy kind of gal, I think this appealed to her for the sheer silliness of the monkeys swinging from the chandeliers and the bold, bright colors}.

The walls will most likely be a lighter version of the turquoise.  I’m constantly staring at my swatch book, but until we swap out the light fixture in the room and get better lighting, there’s no sense even heading to the paint store for samples.

Little Cutie loves animal prints so when I saw this I had to get her a small version as an accent.  I’m getting her a large sisal trimmed in lime green fabric, so this will just be an accent, but if ever there were a fuchsia and green zebra gal, she’s it!

And today while picking up a ton of different sized white frames for her artwork and assorted items at IKEA, I found this.  I struggled for a minute.  It’s not me, and not something I ever envisioned in my house.  But it SCREAMS Little Cutie, and I want this room to be all about her and I can easily imagine her sitting in this little chair, swinging from her ceiling, happy as a clam, and I couldn’t resisit it.  I also found a great cotton throw the perfect color pink and a little pillow form I’ll cover in something fun for it.

Big Cutie is loving being “in” on the surprise and peeking inside my packages when I come home from accessory shopping.  There’s lots more to show you in the big reveal, and I’ll have some how to projects along the way, so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Big Girl Room Sneak Peek

  1. Marcy says:

    Newest follower from the Blog Hop! Would love a follow back at!


  2. Michelle says:

    What kid WOULDN’T want a chair that swings from the ceiling!!!

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