How to Freak Out Your Mother

So my Mom’s here helping out while I’m recovering from my plague.

I am spending most of my time in bed on mega doses of cough suppresents with codeine {in addition to all sorts of other fun meds}.   I am less than an active participant in the goings-on of our household and Mom and Cute Husband are totally taking over the reins in a way I am SO appreciative of.

But you know how it’s your house and you don’t always notice things other people might because you look at them a thousand times a day?  Well that pretty much happened today when my Mom arrived from the airport got herself settled, went over the afternoon schedule for The Cuties with me and then I turned off the lights to nap and she went into the kitchen for a snack.  The next thing I know she’s breathlessly popped back into my room and says, “Is there a reason there are ultrasound pictures on your refrigerator?!!!  Is there something you might want to tell me?”

Poor Cute Grammy.  The look on her face was a mixture of pure horror at the thought of her about-to-be 40 year old daughter having another baby 7+ years after the last one ~ all while hopped up on all sorts of medications ~ and a look of excitement and anticipation.

And that’s when I had to explain they were the ultrasound pictures of Big Cutie’s heart that the cardiologist printed out for her to share with her class after her appointment {all is fine, just a check up related to her Cerebral Palsy}.  Her teacher had announced her pregnancy the day before the appointment to the class by sharing ultrasound photos and we’d had a whole conversation about mine and how they always went right on the refrigerator when I got home.  So you see how we got here, right?

And that, my dear readers, is how you freak out your mother!

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3 Responses to How to Freak Out Your Mother

  1. Elizabeth says:

    haha, priceless!

  2. Cheryl says:

    You’re a good writer and story teller. I LOL at your opening line about the plague :-).

  3. reese says:

    Haha nice im gonna do that but not tell my mom why they are on the fridge! cross your fingers i wont get grounded! XD

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