The Blessing of the B-

Today I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Wendy Mogel speak for the second time.  If you’re not familiar with her work, Dr. Mogel is a clinical psychologist and the author of two parenting books that beautifully mesh her professional expertise with Jewish teachings.

The first time, I heard Dr. Mogel speak, she was on her book tour for her first book, The Blessing of the Skinned Knee, which is aimed at parents of preschool and elementary-aged children.  I was immediately inspired to make changes in my life, my home and my parenting, and slightly annoyed Cute Husband as late into the evening I would read, and repeatedly elbow him, exclaiming, “Listen to this ~ It’s brilliant!”

Her second book that she’s on tour for now is The Blessing of the B- and addresses pre-adolescence and adolescence, and draws a wonderful parable between Moses and the Jewish people’s 40 years in the desert and the teenage years.  Even though Big Cutie is only 9 1/2, it really spoke to me.

I left the conference feeling relieved that Cute Husband and I are, in fact, doing many things right as parents, and that the things we’re most frustrated by have reasons and explanations, and I found suggestions as to how to better deal with them.

Both of these books are very quick and easy reads, and ones you’ll want to pick up again and again, so I highly recommend them.   Dr. Mogel is incredibly witty and funny and laces her book with anecdotes that will ring familiar to any parent, regardless of how old your children are or your religious background.

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2 Responses to The Blessing of the B-

  1. My friend heard her speak not too long ago and said I also have to buy this book! A great read she said and something to leave on the nightstand and to justify not feeling alone is having a hard time raising kids.

  2. bella says:

    The first book is the best parenting book I have ever read to impart morals and values to your children and I am a Christian.

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