Our Passover Seder

I’ve recovered enough from Passover preparations, shopping, cleaning, cooking and a bizarre mid-day interlude of chandelier shopping {hey, when my husband is in the mood to shop for light fixtures, I leave the house with my apron on!} to post some photos.

We were a small group this year which gave me the opportunity to use some very special plates of my grandmother’s I rarely get to use because I only have six of them!  They are perfect to pull out for Passover because they are so sweet and springy; I love that each plate’s floral design is slightly different, just like in nature.  We used these plates for our gefilte fish course, and stacked underneath were my Royal Davenham dinner plates and some simple gold chargers.

Here’s an entire place setting.  Aren’t those little flower-shaped bowls sweet?  We use them for lots of things, but they are the perfect size for individual hard-boiled eggs and parsley on the Seder table.  I also love these Haggadahs {the prayer-book for Seder}.  They are perfect for our children’s ages, are a little bit contemporary in that they include women, but aren’t necessarily “feminist” and I really like the illustrations.

I found those three-dimensional place cards from Crane at a local kitchen shop and thought they were perfect for a Spring event!

Here’s an “invention” of mine of which I’m pretty proud.  It’s a horseradish containment unit.  In our family, we always serve both red and white horseradish at Seder as we have people who prefer each kind.  They’re tricky things to serve and the red kind gets its color from beets so it stains in a very nasty way; always dangerous when you’re busting out your white tablecloths.  So I used a small old silver shallow dish and each of The Cuties’ silver baby cups and baby spoons and we passed them around the table this way.  And the HCU was born.

Several years ago I was in a great boutique and saw this Elijah’s cup and the matching bowl in which I always serve my charoses {a special dish for Passover made of chopped apples, cinnamon, nuts, wine, and sugar}.  I’ve never just splurged on something like this and every year I bring them out I am so happy I did!

We have a few different Seder plates.  Here’s the one I chose to use this year, all filled and ready to go.  I like that the little dishes are detached, so Cute Husband can lift it up when we’re talking about that particular item so The Cuties and other children can see.

Our plague bags I talked about here continued to be a hit, although I swear I’m still finding little hail balls in odd spots from when we threw them up in the air!

Finally, here’s a full view of the table right before we were ready to start.

Whatever holiday you celebrate this Spring, I hope it’s a lovely one!

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11 Responses to Our Passover Seder

  1. Dondra Maney says:

    Beautiful table. Thank you for sharing your family traditions!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Lovely! I really like the yellow on your dining room walls as well! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous table!!! I love the personalized Haggadahs 🙂 My mouth is watering from the matzo and red horeradish! I know I am odd but I can eat the jar full!!!! And – omgosh… is that a huge bowl of Charoses or do my hungry eyes deceive me!?!? Thanks for sharing and chag sameach!!!!

  4. Cute Husband says:

    I love this holiday and this post, but MOST of all I love the HCU. That is perfect!

  5. Vee says:

    Your table setting is beautiful! Such a wonderful time to share in family traditions. Thank you for sharing it with us. I really enjoyed your post.

  6. Sharon Haynie says:

    What a lovely table-love the haggadahs! Your family is lucky to have such wonderful things to celebrate with. Thanks for sharing!

  7. A wonderful tablescape and I loved seeing something “different” by the fact that you have a special Passover meal. We celebrated Maundy Thursday at our church tonight and on occasion, we have eaten food representative of the Passover Meal and The Last Supper. Thanks for sharing this!


  8. Susie says:

    I love your plague bags! WE did them for the first time last year and used red circle stickers for the blood, and ping pong balls for the hail. Success, everyone loves them. Chag Sameach!

  9. tess says:

    What a lovely table. Not being familiar with the traditions of Passover, your post is also very informative. I’m sure everyone appreciated everything and had a wonderful time!

  10. Aviva says:

    Beautiful Pesach table!

    Can I ask what you use for a Haggadah? I’m looking for a good kid friendly one for next year, when my daughter will be a first-grader. The way you describe yours sounds perfect for what I’d love to have for our own seders! Thanks!

  11. feltsocute says:

    We use this one ~ http://www.personalizedhaggadah.com/
    They were originally a preschool fundraiser I believe, so that might be something to consider for your school or synagogue!

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