Royalty of All Kinds

What a weekend it’s been!

Friday started off at my friend Julie’s fabulous Royal Wedding party.  Check out the spread and the decor ~

{Did you catch those sweet little William & Kate cupcake toppers?  They were edible!}

Here’s my contribution to the fete ~ cake pops with a version of The Ring for each lady to pop off and wear while watching the big event.  I had dreams of figuring out how to make these edible out of isomalt, but life got crazy and I decided this was a fun Plan B.

And here we are in all our finery!

So after all that fun, I was home all of an hour when there was a knock at my door and I looked down and there was my precious 2 year old niece!  Since she lives in Chicago and I live in New England, I was STUNNED to say the least.  When her Mommy/Cute SIL peeked around the corner I squealed with glee.  When Cute BFF then popped out from around the corner with Cute Husband I SCREAMED with glee.  They surprised me for my birthday for a girlie weekend!

We spent Saturday morning shopping and then out to lunch.  We came home that afternoon and Cute Husband announced he would watch all of the kids and let us do some more shopping and go out for cocktails and dinner alone.  How fun is that?

And then the doorbell rang.

Do I look as surprised as I was?

Cute Husband had arranged for a stretch limo to pick up 5 other girlfriends of mine, and come get the three of us.  He then sent all eight of us for manicures and pedicures {with a fully stocked bar, I might add ~ right down to the pink & green Lilly party cups!}, and out to dinner at one of my very favorite restaurants.

And look at The Cuties ~ Can you believe they knew about the whole thing and never spilled the beans at all?!!!

So while it was great fun to watch a Prince marry a girl and make her a Princess, this week made me realize that after more than 15 years of being together MY King still makes me feel like a Queen and I have some extra special Princesses in my life to make me feel like royalty.

A HUGE thank you to Cute Husband who I know worked on my Birthday Extravaganza for many, many months; The Cuties who were his co-conspirators and super secret keepers; Cute BFF & Cute SIL who braved airport delays and lost luggage to be with me; and The Girls who followed the trail of my pink boa around town last night and stayed out way past all of our Mommy bedtimes!  I love you all and am officially putting an end to any and all future birthday celebrations ~ nothing could top this one!!!

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2 Responses to Royalty of All Kinds

  1. OMGosh, what a fabulous husband you have! What a wonderful surprise, having your relatives and all your friends make this an unforgettable birthday!


  2. Colleen says:

    Wow, he is the best!! So nice to see that thoughtfulness.

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