Spiffing Up Beach Bags

Big Cutie and I found these little bags at the Dollar Spot at Target today.

We thought they were the perfect sized bags for her and her sister to take to the pool or beach to hold a book, water bottle and goggles.  While the price was right, they were kind of boring.  But not for long!

Remember this creation from this post?

Seriously, nothing is safe in my house.

Big Cutie has two covers up for this summer: one turquoise and one kelly green.  So we came up with this~

Little Cutie also has two cover ups for this year and both are hot pink, so we designed this bag ~

Not bad for some fabric scraps around the house, reusing something else I made and bags for $2.50 each!  I think I’m most excited that there’s a plan for other people to schlep their own things to the pool and beach this year!  Mama’s a little tired of being a sherpa.

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1 Response to Spiffing Up Beach Bags

  1. Anna says:

    Saw this and thought of your wreath project, and your pretty silk flowers in the above post…not sure how the silk would hold up outside, but I bet it would look pretty!!!


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