Prettying Up Old Things

I’m still trucking along on a few last projects for Little Cutie’s new room {is this the longest, most drawn out room reveal in the history of the world, or what?}.

In an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle {doesn’t that sound so much more lovely than simply admitting I’m being kinda chintzy here?}, I wanted to breathe a little new life into some old things instead of just buying new.

Because of the placement of the window in this attic room we’ve opted not to do a window treatment.  Between the small wall space and the petite gallery we put up, it just looked cluttered whenever I hung something above the window.  Since privacy isn’t really an issue up on the third floor and there was already a simple roller shade we decided to just keep that as is.  But you know me and my glue gun ~ we get a little itchy on the trigger finger sometimes.

In digging through my crafting stash I came across this little find:

Totally perfect for what I had in mind.  However, I’m going to confess to you that I know I bought this ribbon with the specific idea that I would sew it in rows across a plain diaper cover to make “fancy pants” for Little Cutie.  Um, yeah….she turned 7 back in January and that never happened, but I swear I’m not a hoarder for having five different colors of this stuff still stashed in my supplies!

A quick bead of hot glue and voila!

And up close ~

The second project was with my new Silhouette machine Cute MIL sent for my birthday last month.  I took a plain, old toy box we purchased from Target many years ago {part of the knock off Pottery Barn line} and added a big script monogram.  The whole thing took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, including downloading a free font!

Best part of this project:  Cute Husband telling me “This Silhouette thing is kinda cool!”

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5 Responses to Prettying Up Old Things

  1. that looks great with that ruffle! i bought ribbon a while back to do the same thing to my roller shades, but i had forgotten about it. thanks for the refresher and the reminder about how cute it could look!

  2. msumissa says:

    Hi, it is me from the bargain hunting board…not sure if you recognize me!

    I will admit I stalk your board and wished I lived closer so we could get our craft on! Love all your ideas for personalizing your home!

  3. Kim says:

    Love the ruffle…gonna look for some to spruce up a lamp shade.
    Can you tell me where to download that free font for the monogram? I would love to do that with my silhouette on a canvas for my daughter’s room.

  4. feltsocute says:

    It’s called Monogram KK – here’s where I downloaded it from for free!

  5. Michele says:

    I downloaded the same font, Monogram KK. Any tips on how to make it bolder?? I have tried copying and then pasting and then combining to make it thicker. Any ideas??

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