The Great Little Cutie Room Reveal

OK, not so much, but wasn’t that a really dramatic post title?

There were a lot of changes made to the original room and we had to scrap some plans for a variety of reasons {sniff, sniff ~ no hanging chair for now!}, but the room is finished, she is moved up there, and absolutely most important, I have a VERY happy 7 year old girl!

Up the attic steps and down the hall looking in ~

I used to think I wanted Big Cutie’s room all to myself, but I confess this is now my hideaway while The Cuties are at school.  You may or may not find me reading People magazine up here around lunchtime on occasion.

Starting with her bed there are lots of familiar friends here!  I took all of your advice and hung the giant decoupaged ‘S’ from a satin ribbon on a green glass knob {Cute Husband was slightly baffled by this request and kept explaining to me it was knob and not a hook, but I was not to be deterred!}.  On her bed are the blinged out initial pillow and felt flower pillow I showed you how to make back in March.  The pink flower pillow is from Target and the little patchwork pillow is from an Etsy shop that has unfortunately closed.  And of course the bedding is Lilly Pulitzer Monkey Trouble from Garnet Hill.  Don’t you love her Lilly bunny?  She got that as swag during the great store opening sneak.

Here’s the wall opposite her bed where you can see her dresser {I’m experimenting with new knobs today – I think I like these glass aqua ones, so we’ll see what she thinks when she gets home from school.  Translated: I’m too lazy to bother changing all 8 until I get the thumbs up because then I’d have to change them back!}.  You can learn how to make your own headband holder here.  I’m repurposing an old French bulletin board from her room for her smaller hair clips and I found the cute metal dress form at TJMaxx for a few dollars that holds her many accessories.  Because you know, “ya got to coordinate” {Bonus points and a flash of mushroom jacket lining to the first person to catch the movie reference!}.  You can also catch the petite gallery wall and her framed first ballet shoes.

Because this is an attic room it not only has the eaves to contend with but some other awkward angled walls.  Between the wall her bed is on and a tiny closet next to the doorway, is an angled wall we painted with chalkboard paint.  I’m listing this as one of my Top 10 Parenting Greats of All Time.  Not because it was anything that original, but for MY kids it has totally rocked their world.  Both Cuties have spent more time up there playing on the wall – not just drawing pictures, but actively playing together as a result of it.  This week, Little Cutie has turned it into a menuboard and each day she designs her specials {which always include dog treats so Maisy isn’t left out!}.  I also like to sneak a piece of chalk when I’m checking on her after she’s asleep and leave her messages to find in the morning.  I wonder if she’ll still think that’s cool when she’s 16.  Probably not.

When Little Cutie was helping me pick out things she wanted for this room she spied this Lilly zebra rug.  It was all she talked about for days on end.  I kind of agreed with her as to how fabulous it was so I ordered it without telling her and threw it down there, thus eliciting additional squeals of glee.  I know the days are coming around the bend when my daughters will become teenagers and pretty much blame me for every slight in the universe, so I’m stocking up on my good Karma now.  Best part about the zebra rug – it’s Maisy’s spot of choice when Little Cutie is in bed reading.  How delicious is that?  The large lime green-trimmed sisal is from Shades of Light and was so reasonably priced I couldn’t believe it.  It’s really well made and has a rubbery back so it doesn’t slide around on the hardwood floor while certain little girls are performing elaborate hip hop moves.  The toy box is many years old from Target and I added a monogram with my Silhouette vinyl machine.

At the end of her bed is the coveted silver pouf and I even found a Lilly night light for her.  If you look up in any of the pictures you can see that we repurposed the chandelier from the dining room.  What bugged me tremendously in that room is absolutely perfect up here and she told me it makes her “feel glamorous.”  Love her!

So we’re done.  And we’ve even managed to move all the guest room furniture downstairs to Little Cutie’s old room.  She loves the room and loves “having a floor all to herself.”  Cute Husband and I like that she’s right above our bedroom if she’s not going to be down the hall as we can hear her little footsteps if she’s out of bed at night and know if she’s up and moving in the morning.  I forsee this being extraordinarily valuable down the road a few years since Little Cutie is the child we’ve voted “Most Likely to Sneak Out to a Party.”

{Total for this room ran under$500, including all new bedding, paint, pouf and accessories}

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44 Responses to The Great Little Cutie Room Reveal

  1. that looks so great! i love the color of the walls, but the whole space just turned out fabulous. chalkboard wall, i am sure that is one of the greatest parenting tips in a while. ps-i’m for aqua knobs!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love this room! The chalk wall is my favorite but I love the gallery wall too.

  3. That is adorable!! So cute. I wish I could redo my 7 year olds room, but she can’t seem to get out of that stage of writing on everything, including furniture & bedding!

  4. feltsocute says:

    nope! 😉

    Thanks {and your FB comment amuse me!}

  5. SLL says:

    Bravo! So beautiful, cute, sophisticated, just like your daughter herself!

  6. This is so beautiful!!! Of course she loves it 🙂 The chalk board wall is amazing (and I bet she’ll use it even when she’s 16)

  7. Sasha says:

    Boomerang of course! Coordinate!

  8. feltsocute says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Sasha says:

    The Mr. and I LOVE that part of the movie! Good stuff…. love me some Eddie!

  10. This turned out just beautifully! I came here via Rate my Space, but I’m your newest follower…can’t wait to see what else you have on this beautiful blog! 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    Love, love, love the room! I bet LC is have a blast in there! I love her desk, do you mind sharing where you purchased it? Thanks!

  12. feltsocute says:

    Thank you! It’s from the old Cargo Kids {Pier One’s children’s furniture store}, but unfortunately they went out of business years ago.

  13. Kelci says:

    The room is fabulous! I love the color combination. And I really like that it’s a beautiful modest size room. So many cool kid rooms I see on the internet are huge (bigger than my living room!) and just seem so over the top.

  14. Adore, simply adore this entire room!!! Now, will you ever get her out of her room? 😉

  15. amy says:

    I love this room……..the details are perfect!!!!
    Could you please tell me what color you used for the walls?

  16. feltsocute says:

    Thank you! The walls are Benjamin Moore Rhythm & Blues at 50%.

  17. amy says:

    Thank you!!!! I think I have a summer project now…..painting a bedroom that two of my girls share!!!!! I think this color will make them both very happy!!!

  18. Deanna says:

    Way too cute!!!! Love it! Inspiring!

  19. Kim A says:

    Gorgeous room! Any idea what font you used to do the vinyl monogram on the toy box? Love that.

  20. Misty Kearney says:

    Love the room! I just painted a chalkboard wall in my littleman’s playroom and wanted to find some buckets to hang on the wall for the chalk and eraser. Where did you find the ones you have and how did you hang them?

  21. feltsocute says:

    Peek down a little further in the comments and there’s a link to it free!
    {and thank you!} ~ Oops, realized it was in another post. Here you go:

    It’s called Monogram KK – here’s where I downloaded it from for free!

  22. feltsocute says:

    They’re from Ikea and you can purchase the buckets, the ‘S’ hooks and the rod – all in their kitchen accessories department.

  23. Misty Kearney says:

    Sorry to be a pain! I didn’t even realize there was a rod and S hooks involved in the hanging of the buckets. I took a closer look this time and I see them but still can’t figure out how the buckets are hung there. Did it all come as a set or did you piece it together.
    Thank you for your time.

  24. feltsocute says:

    No worries. There are loops built in to the sides of the buckets and then they also sell the ‘S’ hooks. You install the rod on the wall (VERY easy), and then slip one end of the ‘S’ hook through a loop on each side of the bucket and the other side just hangs on the rod on the wall. The entire “system” is very inexpensive – maybe $15 or so for all 3 parts.

  25. Diane says:

    thank you for sharing! I love love love that gorgeous blue!

  26. dePinkus says:

    Love this room- someone pinned the room on pinterest so I went to your blog to read all about it! Love the wall with the frames and the bunny and the toy chest is perfect. I love the Lilly rug, bedding, and flower pillow! I love how the room looks real, livable, and adorable all at the same time! It’s eclectic and I just had to tell you how much I admire it!

  27. feltsocute says:

    thank you so much!
    {and just because I feel obligated to say so ~ it’s for sale right now if you live in New England and might be interested, LOL}

  28. JoAnne says:

    What an adorable room Alisha! You have added so many sweet touches and also things that are special to your daughter – that’s what it’s all about! Great job!!

  29. Stefani says:

    I want to pin so many of your ideas on Pinterest, but it keeps telling me that it can find no large images for me to pin. Help! 🙂

  30. feltsocute says:

    I know they’re pinable because I have a board on Pinterest of my blog! If you try again without any success, you can always see them under my Pins as Felt So Cute and the Felt So Cute blog boad. Thanks for checking me out!

  31. Ruth H. says:

    This is so darling! I love the chandelier.

  32. Terry Moore says:

    I just completed a little girls room for a friend and client. Yours is so adorable.

  33. Randi says:

    Super cute … I love the big chalkboard wall!

  34. Andrea says:

    Absolutely love it. Very cute. My girls would love this too!

  35. Love your daughter’s room! My favs are the chalkboard wall and giant S!

  36. schnooter says:

    OMG!! I love everything about this room!!!

  37. Jenny says:

    What a GORGEOUS and perfect little girl’s room!!! I love every detail!!

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  39. Such a cute space–and I love that you were able to do it for under $500. Thanks for linking up 🙂

  40. Brandi says:

    Such a cute room. I bet she enjoys using the chalkboard wall.

  41. Andrea says:

    Super cute! I love that you used blue walls but made it very girly with the added pink accessories and white furniture.

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