I Have Created Monsters

I have so much to do that my lists are having babies that are having babies.

Yup.  I’m a list Grandma.

There are new suitcases to buy, laundry to finish, packing to start, plane bags to organize and somewhere in it all I have to get on a plane in a couple of days for a “quick jaunt” to Tokyo and back.

But when Big Cutie came to me and asked to do something fun for her friends before we left school to head to Tokyo, how could I possibly say no?

Fortunately my girl has outstanding timing and made this little request while we were already en route to the party store for something else we’d signed up to bring in for an end of the year event.  We wandered the aisles, searching for inspiration.  OK, confession time:  Big Cutie wandered the aisles searching for inspiration, while I answered two dozen emails, nodded my head a lot, and said whatever you’d like honey over and over.  Stellar parenting there, folks.

And there, right by the check out we found it.

Packs of Japanese gum!  Perfect for The Cuties to pass out along with their contact information.  So we whipped up some printable business cards for each of them and they were set!

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1 Response to I Have Created Monsters

  1. Angela says:

    How perfect for her to give out! The card is so creative.

    Even the little things are falling into place for you!

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