A Quick Jaunt to the Other Side of the World & Back

About 6 months ago Cute Husband and I were planning a big blow out trip for our impending 15th wedding anniversary.  As we pondered where we wanted to go on a “second honeymoon,” we repeatedly shot down places like Europe, South America or Hawaii as being too far or too much of a time change to deal with for just a week.

My, how times have changed. 😉

Because two weeks ago we found out we were moving to Tokyo at the end of the summer, and then just 6 days later we not only hopped on a plane to Japan for a mere week, but we did something truly crazy: we took the children with us!

Because the only thing more “fun” than jet lag, is jet lag with two kids!

Little Cutie was my “plane buddy” on the trip over.  Isn’t she adorable with her sleep mask and bunny, all snuggled up as they were ready to dim the lights?

Unfortunately, she never went to sleep.  WAY too much to check out for Little Miss Busy Body, and so she stayed awake.  The entire flight.  All 13+ hours.  Totally well behaved, but wide awake.  If I ever suddenly become capable of learning even an ounce of Biochemistry and decide to go to medical school, I vow to formulate pediatric Ambien.

It was a whirlwind trip, but we managed to find an apartment in a great location, tour the girls’ new school, ride the subway, set ourselves up with rental furniture, meet some lovely people, and eat insanely good sushi.  I have much to share, I promise {I could do an entire blog post just singing the praises of Japanese toilets!}.

By Tuesday night, we had finally all adjusted and were able to make it through the day feeling pretty good and then sleep through the night.  Just in time to head back to the airport!  Along the way The Cuties caught a glimpse of Cinderella’s castle at Tokyo Disney, so I imagine that is in our near future upon our return.

On the return flight, we mixed things up and Big Cutie was my “plane buddy.”  Check out her awesome “mystery meal.”

We called it that not because it was inedible, but rather because we couldn’t decide whether it was lunch or dinner thanks to crossing the International Dateline.  It was very cool to leave Tokyo on an 11:30 am flight on Wednesday, and arrive in New York at 11:30 am on Wednesday!  Cute Husband and I are still a wee bit confused as to what day it is.

Here we are all ready to settle down and go to sleep {for those of you keeping score at home: Big Cutie continued to sleep on the plane, and Little Cutie did not!}.

Hmmm….my attempts to sleep while listening to my “Relaxation Playlist” were suddenly interrupted.  Guess who the guilty party is?

It was not the Best of Both Worlds when Mommy wanted to nap.

Speaking of naps….my bed is calling!

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3 Responses to A Quick Jaunt to the Other Side of the World & Back

  1. Heather says:

    Ok I just have to say you are going to LOVE Japan. We are currently living in Okinawa (an island below mainland Japan) and it has been such a wonderful experience for our family. We love living here and will be so sad when we have to leave next year!

  2. Dawn says:

    What an exciting adventure for your family! I hope you continue to keep up with your blog while you are there.

  3. that’s amazing. what a fantastic experience this will be for you all! also, i’m very much focused on the first class seating, lol. when going 13 hours, i have come to think it’s necessary. should i ever return to israel, you bet that’s the place i’m sitting!

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