Sweet Dreams

We are crossing things off the to do list almost as fast as we are adding them, LOL!

But one of the things we decided we wanted to do before we left for Japan was to get some new bedding.

Big Cutie currently has a double bed and will have a twin bed in her room in our apartment there, so for her this is an actual need.  She was so sweet in that she was sad about the idea of packing up her current room, but excited about the idea of a shopping expedition at the same time.  After MUCH searching, we found the PERFECT solution.  This ensemble from Target.  In a mad dash to all the Targets in the area, we found both the duvet cover and the quilt and she already had this adorable birdie pillow on her window seat.  The best part is that it combines Big Cutie’s favorite color, blue, with the exact lavender of her current room, so we’ll be able to take some familiar items from home to help accessorize the place and really make it great.  In the words of Colonel Hannibel Smith, I love it when a plan comes together!

Cute Husband and I purchased our current bedding while I was pregnant with Big Cutie and were moving into our first house.  She’ll be 10 this fall, so I’d like to think we got our money’s worth. I really still like it and wouldn’t have thought about replacing it except that our bedroom in the apartment looks like this ~

And so when I think about bringing over my beige coverlet and putting it in that room that I can’t paint or hang things on the wall, I am afraid I might become a chameleon and turn beige myself!

So we needed COLOR!  And BOLD!  And PATTERN!  {And apparently capital letters and exclamation points!}  This proved to be quite a challenge for the two of us.  We found ourselves checking out all sorts of wild and wonderful websites and shops we’d never before ventured into.  We didn’t end up going this route, but if you have some time, trying playing with the Make Your Bed feature at Serena & Lily or the Design Studio at Inmod.  I sacrificed hours of sleep in the name of creative fun.

Here’s what we ordered from Matouk, who made our last coverlet.  I love everything about it, and wish the Internet was tactile so you could rub your hand all over it, because it’s like buttah, I tell ya!

I made a few changes to the actual bed – our pillow cases will be edged in navy, with the koi patterned pillows as European sized shams, and the smaller trellis print in boudoir sized pillows.  I also did an ocean blue matelasse coverlet for the warmer months.  We’re big into bed layering around here!

So now Little Cutie turns to me and wants to know if SHE’S getting new bedding for the Japan apartment!  After I picked my jaw up off the floor I not so calmly reminded her about the BRAND new room I just finished like nano-seconds before we decided to move to Japan and let her know in no uncertain terms would she be getting new bedding.

And with a twinkle in her eye, my 7 year old turned to me and said, “Gotcha!”

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One Response to Sweet Dreams

  1. Jonalee says:

    Please tell me you’re taking your Silhouette with you. I really enjoy seeing all the fun stuff you make with it.

    Have you ever heard of industrial velcro? That’s what I use to hang stuff on my walls because I commit to putting a hole somewhere. I bet you can get some and hang stuff on the apartment walls that way. I’ve never taken any off my walls yet, but supposedly if you heat it up with a hair dryer, it comes off just fine.

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