Ta Ta to Tapas

Barcelona is one of our very favorite restaurants and there are several throughout the state you can enjoy.  We love that it’s a fun place to take The Cuties, and a perfect place with other couples, a Girls Night Out, or late night Date Night after the movies.

Tonight we decided we needed to sneak in a family trip before our Japan departure and lucked into the last patio table available!  Cute Husband and I always share a pitcher of our favorite sangria ~ to be clear since I took a terrible picture, that’s MY drink and not Little Cutie’s {I’d blame the picture on the pitcher, but it’s still pretty full there!}

Now that it’s summer, The Cutie’s very favorite dish is again available ~ Red & Yellow Watermelon with Fresh Feta.  So Pretty!

Big Cutie always wins the award in our house for being The Most Adventurous Eater, and tonight she tried some of Cute Husband’s Boquerones, which are marinated white anchovies.  After the first one, she wrinkled her nose and said they were “interesting.”  And then went back for a second and said it was “interesting, but good tasting.”  That a girl!

I can’t even begin to imagine how many fun nights we’ve had here and we’ll miss watching our girls chow down on their favorite Gambas al Ajillo and Chorizo with Sweet & Sour Figs.  I suspect they’ll miss Chef’s special Churros he brings them at dessert time!

Farewell, dear Barcelona and we’ll be back!

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