My Poor Kitchen Threw Up

Our air shipment of household goods arrived this week, which contained mostly kitchen items.

This is a good place to comment on “delivery” in Japan.  In America, an appointment or delivery is scheduled for a window of two to four hours.  In my experience, more often than not, I waited at home beginning at 9:00 for my 9-1 window, only to receive a phone call at 12:45, telling me they were running late and on their way, and should arrive within a half an hour.  UGH.

Not so much in Japan.  I was called and told they would arrive at 2:00 pm {OK, really they told me 14:00, but I don’t think that way yet!}.  And at 1:50 pm, the intercom buzzed and two women arrived to prepare my home for the delivery of boxes by laying down protective blankets, propping doors, etc.  At 2:00 pm sharp, boxes were being unloaded through my door.   AMAZING!

And in less than an hour, it looked like this.

That, folks, is pretty much everything we have for the next few years piled on the counters at once.

Careful where you step!

It all fit fairly easily.  It helps that there are cabinets up to the ceiling {although at 5’4″, they’re not terribly useful to little ol’ me!}.

Maybe we didn’t really bring that much.  Or then again, maybe I subliminally thought if I didn’t pack the right things we could spend our time in Tokyo pretty much exploring the millions of fabulous restaurants there are here.

Only time will tell…..

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2 Responses to My Poor Kitchen Threw Up

  1. audrey ayers says:

    You would be a wonderful Army wife! You just practically wrote word for word what we do, each time we move. Congratulations on your new digs and fitting everything in so well! I love their promptness in delivery too!

  2. Laurie says:

    Glad you guys seem to be settling in okay! Lucky you got out of CT when you did before Irene came. we were without power for 6 1/2 days just getting it back late last night! there are still many without it in CT.
    I look forward to hearing all about your adventures !!

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