Let’s Talk Sushi

While there are actually many kinds of wonderful Japanese foods, the Felt So Cutes have long been fans of sushi.  When Big Cutie wasn’t even two years old, we were in our favorite sushi restaurant eating sushi while she sat with rice, teriyaki chicken and steamed brocoli in front her.  As Cute Husband and I chatted away, she grabbed a piece of sushi off my plate, shoved it in her mouth, ate it, and clear as day said, “MORE!”  Stunned, we took a minute and decided not to panic, and figured people in Japan with children her age fed them sushi so it was fine and we let her try more.  From that day on, she was hooked and when Little Cutie came along she was quick to join her big sister!

Most places in Japan offer “set lunches” where you pick from one of about four or so choices of sushi combo plates.  This is very efficient in dealing with the busy lunch crowd, but for us Americans this sometimes results in a few pieces that might not have been our first choices.  So we were very pleased to find some neighborhood places that were both tasty and allowed the option to choose your own sushi.

Here’s Cute Husband’s lunch of choice ~

Mine ~

Big Cutie’s ~

And Little Cutie’s ~
And after all that yumminess, there were even sushi-shaped lollipops!

Not only did we quickly learn how to say thank you in Japanese, but we now know to always tell our sushi chefs Oishii {delicious}!  The Cuties seem to get an extra hand roll on occasion out of that ~ funny how that works 🙂

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5 Responses to Let’s Talk Sushi

  1. Dana says:

    Yum!! We love our sushi here also! I, however, was shocked to see how much sushi your little peanuts eat!!

  2. My children and I are really enjoying your adventures. It looks like you guys are having such a wonderful time! How wonderful for the girls to have this experience. My dd(11) has started to ask if you have posted new updates. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Sasha says:

    I am enjoying all your posts about your adventure in Japan so much! Thanks for bringing us all along with you!

  4. Misty (SunnyIvy) says:

    Also enjoying your adventures in Japan!! Now as someone who has never had sushi, can you explain? Why is it so different, what are the different kinds, etc?? What are those orange ball things? I’m not a seafood person at all if you can’t tell! lol Thanks!

  5. feltsocute says:

    Sushi is simply fish (sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, depending on how the fish is best eaten) – it comes in different “styles” of being put together. The orange balls are salmon roe, which is one of our family’s favorites (you can buy roe at the grocery store and it’s extra yummy on a bowl of rice hot out of the cooker!).

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