I took my first exercise class today in….well, it’s been so long I can’t even begin to tell you how long.  For those of you who know me in real life, I’ll pause for a moment so you can catch your breath because you’re either laughing so hard at me you can’t breathe or you’ve passed out in disbelief.

{thank you for rejoining us}

It was AWESOME.  It was called Strategic Stretching and was a combination of Pilates and Yoga.  We literally started at our necks and stretched everywhere possible down to our feet.  The instructor measured me trying to touch my toes at the beginning of the class and the end.  By the end, I was able to reach more than two inches farther than I could when I came in.  How cool is that?  {Conversely, how out of shape am I?}  I’m pretty jazzed to do this for a few weeks and shake some of my Arthritis creakiness and be able to get moving again now that I walk so much more in my new life.


Because we can’t watch live American television in Japan, we have Apple TV and purchase series at a time.  We are able to watch an episode a few days after y’all back in the U.S.  We also didn’t watch a lot of TV this summer with all the craziness going on in our lives and so we’re catching up on a few things as we go.  It’s nice to watch without commercials and be able to watch a couple of episodes at once.  We’re currently watching Breaking Bad and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Sometimes intermingled.  Which makes for some very bizarre dreams.  As wacky as Teresa and Joe are, I’m pretty sure they’re not running a meth lab in the basement of their Jersey mansion while texting other housewives on blinged out phones as they did in my confused head last night.


Our household goods arrive tomorrow morning!!!!!  Did you see there were FIVE exclamation points there?  I’m over the moon excited to get our things.  Especially because the temperature dropped twenty degrees overnight and The Cuties and I each have exactly ONE long-sleeved top to wear until our wardrobe boxes arrive!  I can no longer really remember what we decided to ship over and what went into storage so it will be interesting to see what arrives.


Big Cutie is studying Asia this year.  This week she is preparing for a quiz on the capitals of Nepal, Thailand, South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, India, Russia, Philippines, Mongolia, Laos and Indonesia.  She’s doing awesome.  I, on the other hand, am having some anxiety about potentially failing the fourth grade.


I had my first pedicure in Japan.  Like everything else in Tokyo, it was crazy expensive and incredibly perfect.  I had a private little room with a table to lay on {much like you’d have for a facial}.  After sitting with my feet soaking in a basin of warm water, I was brought the beverage of my choice and a sheet of nail colors from which to choose.  I sat back {with English magazines ~ another big treat!}, and the technician worked on my feet for an hour and a half.  I think she cleaned up the polish with an orange stick for almost 20 minutes to ensure true neatness.  A phone didn’t ring the entire time.  It was delightful.


Little Cutie checked out The Guinness Book of World Records from the library this week.  I think it’s a child’s rite of passage to ooh and aah over the pages within and try and gross out their siblings with random factoids.  Cute Husband and I are most amused.


For those of you keeping score at home:

Cute Husband is picking up a proper Japanese accent best.

The Cuties are able to pick up Japanese phrases, numbers and colors best.

I am able to pick up katakana best.

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2 Responses to Randomness

  1. Terri says:

    Thanks, A! Keep them coming!

  2. Lora says:

    I am so excited to read about your Japanese adventures, I just love each and every update! That pedi sounds amazing!

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