What’s Cookin’ in Japan!

We finished unpacking the kitchen and I’m ready to start learning to cook Japanese food!  In the meantime, here’s a tour of the new place~

This is looking in from the living room and dining room area {I’m a huge fan of the pocket door that enables me to close off the kitchen to hide a mess or ignore yet another episode of iCarly!}

We rented a microwave and bought ourselves a rice cooker.  Until we moved to Japan we only made rice on rare occasion; we now make it almost daily and can’t imagine living without this appliance!  We are extremely lucky that our apartment has a full-sized Western-style oven, as most Japanese apartments only have a stove-top or a miniature oven, if anything. {FYI: I itch to rip those stickers off the oven, but they seem terribly important to the apartment management and I’m not very interested in purchasing a replacement stove so I will have to learn to ignore them!}

In the old house, we had multiple canisters of cooking utensils and an additional cabinet of spices, but we streamlined for the sea cargo and got down to this~

The storage in this kitchen far exceeds what we had in our house, and includes two floor to ceiling pantries.  I had a bit of a “moment” with my Silhouette in this one, and went a little crazy labeling things.  Yes, the sprinkles made the trip across the Pacific; I explained my issues with sprinkles to you already.

Next to this pantry is the master hot water control.  It has a very cool feature that allows you to fill the bath in the children’s bathroom from the kitchen.  Seriously!  And it automatically senses when its high enough and stops running, and will hold the water at the precise temperature you’ve chosen.  Pretty cool, right?  {Of course The Cuties are much more interested in their shower, but it’s a nice option}.

Across from the oven was enough space we could put a small table and two stools where The Cuties could sit and eat breakfast or particularly messy dinners {our dining room is fully carpeted in light beige ~ yikes~}.  I especially like our Victory Garden of Tomorrow poster here.

On the other side of the table is the refrigerator and second pantry.  You can also see another pocket door to the hallway that leads to the bedrooms.

And then across from the ‘fridge and pantry….wait a minute, what’s that?  Why yes, of course!  I always wanted to grab a carton of milk AND change the laundry at the same time! 😉  Our washer and dryer are, in fact, right in the middle of the kitchen, with no cabinet or curtain to hide them.  It hasn’t been as irritating as I originally thought it might be; I tend to simply pick up a hamper on my way into the kitchen each morning and start a load {you’ll notice the machines are on the small side, so I have to do laundry much more frequently than I did when I had my Whirlpool Duets).

And the phone is to the apartment front desk and each of the two security points where visitors would have to be buzzed in.  Of course, it’s ring sounds exactly the same as the doorbell, which results in my running back and forth between the kitchen and the front door repeatedly like a chicken with my head cut off.  Another electronic item I haven’t mastered.  Are you keeping tally yet?

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2 Responses to What’s Cookin’ in Japan!

  1. Nicole says:

    I just love reading your posts about your adventures in Japan! Keep them coming!

  2. sickmomma says:

    Wow! That looks like a HUGE apartment! I never would have imagined that something as spacious would be available in Japan except for the uber rich, perhaps. (I guess I’m making an assumption that you guys aren’t uber rich … 🙂

    Fwiw, my inlaws who built their house to their preferences put their washer and dryer in what’s essentially the kitchen. It’s one L-shaped room, at least, with no way to hide them. Not quite as close to their pantry as yours, but I remember being very surprised by it when I first saw it. The convenience factor does seem to be helpful, but I’d die if I couldn’t shut the door to my laundry room to hide the mountain of kid stuff needing special attention before it can be washed. 🙂

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