Our Tokyo Master Suite

The unpacking is going strong and steady.

Cute Husband’s clothing is no longer stacked in piles along the walls, and I have more than the four pairs of shorts and three sundresses that originally came in my suitcases.  Most importantly, we have pillows!  When we first arrived we didn’t bring our own and they didn’t come in our temporary rental set from the leasing company.  While my MacGyver-like ability to fashion pillows by folding beach towels inside of empty pillow cases and securing them with ponytail holders seemed impressive at first, the novelty wore off with lightning speed.

So here’s the master suite now that we’re completely unpacked.

I’d like to find another small throw pillow for the bed, so I’ll be on the lookout ~ a great excuse to scour the department stores in Ginza!  Cute Husband’s desk fits perfectly in that little alcove and is a great space for his papers and work.  We’re also on a mission for a decorative piece for above our bed.  Hopefully something will speak to us on our travels!

Yet another one of the many issues I need therapy for is my obsession with hiding cords in my home.  For some reason, every outlet in this apartment is in a far corner, so as a result there are cords stretched out and visible in every room.  Makes me shake a little bit.  At some point I will need to whip up some cord covers.  We’ll just add that to the to do list, okay?

One of the few pieces of furniture we brought from home was Cute Husband’s chair and ottoman.  It’s super-comfy and a great place for him to conduct late night conference calls back to the States {We’re going to all ignore more curtains in need of hemming, right?  Nod your heads, please!}.

I found this awesome little koi dish at Anthropologie for my dresser {I have a bad habit of taking my jewelry off and leaving it in random places, so I’m trying to be better!}.

There is a great hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom with our walk-in closet and these doors that contain shelves for awesome clothing storage.

And then you arrive at our bathroom.  You can read about how I was baffled by the mensa status of our shower here.

Looking back towards the door you can see the complex ventilation control panel {yes, more gadgets}.  There’s a timer setting and you can opt for heated or cool venting; a wonderful feature when it’s been almost 90 degrees still at the end of September.

I know I mentioned here on the house tour of the Dutch Colonial that our last master bath was so small Cute Husband and I really couldn’t stand in there at the same time.  So it literally makes me giddy to stand side by side next to my husband in the mornings and brush my teeth, each of us at our own sinks.  I am a lucky lady, indeed!

On one of my very last Target runs before leaving Connecticut I saw this adorable little tray and thought it would be perfect for corralling my perfumes.  I’d seen the idea for my makeup brushes in many different incarnations on Pinterest.  It’s made it much easier to find what I’m looking for and is a way to add a little color to our otherwise monochromatic space.

And I have to show off these because they are a very precious commodity in Japan ~ Cute Mother-in-Law sent an incredible care package filled with English magazines.  Oh joy!

The unpacking is almost done and I’ll be back soon!   If you enjoying reading Felt So Cute, remember you can follow along and subscribe to my blog {look on the righthand side!} and get an email whenever there’s a new post. 🙂

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6 Responses to Our Tokyo Master Suite

  1. Tara says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to see more pics. Brian and I are inspired by you guys. We really hope we can pack up our crew and go international someday! Maybe teach in an international school somewhere or something. I am sure you will anyway, but don’t miss out on going to Korea during your travels. Seoul and Kyoung-ju are definitely must sees, and Cheju Island is well worth the trip, too.

  2. Tara says:

    P.S. It is the height of irony that you have a bigger bathroom in Tokyo than you had in the USA 😉

  3. feltsocute says:

    No kidding!!! We lost more than half our square footage, but tripled our bathroom size. So bizarre {we didn’t even have a TUB in our master!}.

  4. You’d go insane in my house. I can not convince SO to do something with the cords that are driving me nutso! They just hand from the bottom of the tv (over the fireplace) around the bookshelves, over the tops of door ways ~shutters~

    FYI- The follow button is in the lower right hand corner on my computer 🙂

  5. Stacey Pharris says:

    Thanks for sharing ur many adventures! I was worried when u moved we wouldnt be hearing from u as much. So glad u are settling in nicely. Tell ur Cutie I’m envious of her zebra print rug! I reeeally want one for my baby girl’s room. She has lime green and pink bedding. It would be perfect. Can’t wait for ur next post. 🙂

  6. Very cool! It looks like a very peaceful place – well, peaceful once you figure out how to use the shower!

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