Our 1st Tokyo Disney Experience

I can’t say I wasn’t warned, and yet nothing really prepared me for what Disney Tokyo really meant.

But let me first share The Cuties’ experience and their happiness before I give you my commentary on the whole thing since this was a day to celebrate Big Cutie’s 10th birthday!

Because this was Disney, and well Disney knows how to make an entrance, they somehow managed to get their train to connect to the local Tokyo line seamlessly.  Like you can use the magnetic swipe card you use around Tokyo for the subway and train kind of seamlessly.  Cool, right?  At least that’s what Mom and Dad found cool.  The Cuties?  They thought these were the cool part about the train ~
Even the hand holds on the train were Mickey-shaped.  Synergy at it’s best.

There are two parks in Tokyo: Disneyland {which is essentially the Magic Kingdom} and Disney Sea which is not dissimilar in concept, but has its own rides and areas.  Since we were only going for one day, we left it up to the Birthday Girl and she chose Disney Sea.

As parents we had a new experience today.  In the past, when we’ve gone to Disney World, Big Cutie was young enough and small enough to still fit in a double stroller with her sister, which solved the issue of how to manage the fact that her Cerebral Palsy and leg brace make it challenging for her to walk a park the size of Disney for a day.  However, she’s older and taller now and everything in Tokyo is smaller, so a stroller wasn’t an option for a variety of reasons.  So for the first time we rented a wheelchair.  Big Cutie was fine with it, but I’ll confess to a rough first few minutes seeing her there.  But it was the right call and let her hang all day long with a giant smile on her face, able to enjoy everything she wanted to do.

It very much sums up our daughters’ personalities to say that Little Cutie dragged Cute Husband on some roller coaster with a 360 degree turn through fire and water and Big Cutie brought me here ~

Based on how ashen Cute Husband was upon meeting back up, I’m quite certain I drew the long straw there!

There was a ride called Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage that reminded us a bit of It’s a Small World, which is a family tradition to go on and take a happy picture of The Cuties and a pouty picture of Cute Husband.  Cute MIL always likes to retell the story of Cute Husband having a temper tantrum as a child on that particular ride and The Cuties like to tease him about remembering to behave like a good little boy the whole trip.

Because this was Disney Sea, Ariel and her buddies played a big role and reinvented a lot of the classic rides.  Instead of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, there were Swirling Kelp Cups.  Doesn’t matter, I don’t ride either one!  But I love how this picture turned out ~ the grin and thumbs up from Big Cutie and the laugh and twirling braids on Little Cutie make me smile {and since I was the photographer, no motion sickness, so a huge win-win!}

Disney Sea turned 10 this year just like Big Cutie.  To celebrate there were specially decorated Mickey Fantasia hats in each area.  The Cuties particularly liked this extra-girlie one outside the Mermaid Lagoon.

It was a great day and easy to get to and The Cuties really were freakishly delightful, so I see a return trip in our future {but for the love of all things sane, please can we next go on a day that isn’t 79 degrees with 89 percent humidity in the middle of October!!!}.

Now, I want to preface my thoughts with a reminder to y’all that I love Japan.  In fact, I’m kind of IN love with Japan.  I’m fascinated by so much of the beauty and culture; I love the food and the history; and find great joy in the traditions and customs of our host country.  So please don’t think I’m an ugly American.  That being said, I could not stop people watching.  Just like in Orlando, how there are huge groups of people who make me stop and stare, Tokyo Disney was no disappointment.

Women carried stuffed animals around the park by the armful.  I was a huge minority as a woman to not wear high heels today.  Women and men walked around on what was a rather hot and humid day wearing what I can only describe as thick, furry animal hoods to costumes without the rest of the costume.  Women and men also wore Minnie Mouse ears.  You know, the kinds with the bows, and jewels and even tulle.

We had to go to FOUR stores to find childrens’ sized shirts, but every store had ample assortments of Disney clothing for dogs.

While The Cuties were in a store browsing for a souvenir, I saw a lot of assorted capes, and I turned to Cute Husband and told him I really needed to start wearing capes more often.  Especially ones with stars and moons on them so people would think I’m magical.  I get it, I’m kinda a smart ass sometimes.

And not five minutes later I saw this guy ~

I mean, don’t you really want to know what caught his attention enough to stop and take a picture?!!!

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8 Responses to Our 1st Tokyo Disney Experience

  1. April Jones says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Ashley says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. And you DO need a cape. Absolutely do.

  3. Omaof1 says:

    Such a fun day 🙂

  4. Alisa says:

    I think your blog readers need to see a picture of these adults wearing furry animal hoods. 🙂

  5. Darcie says:

    Love seeing pics of the Little Cuties! L will be happy to see the photos of her friends.

    So happy that you are enjoying this amazing experience!

  6. Tokyo Jinja says:

    OK, that you went on a holiday weekend makes me shudder in horror on one hand and be awed by your bravery on the other. Let me know when you want to have the insiders view on how and when to attempt Disney in Japan – and actually get on a lot of rides with no waiting! And I have to say I have never seen a cape that good!

  7. Holly says:

    Awesome! I loved going to Disney in Japan, it was amazing. 🙂
    Dropping by from Christchurch, New Zealand via Kelly’s Korner.

  8. I loved Tokyo Disney. Sorta the same as our Disney, but also very different.

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