Signs That Amuse Us

Signage is a big deal in Japan.

So much so that I make sure to at least have a cellphone on me at all times.

Because it’s not uncommon to encounter something giggle-worthy like this!

{I literally could not stop laughing for a full four minutes after returning to my family and showing this to Cute Husband}.  I mean how much of a problem did this establishment have with people standing on the toilets or sitting on them facing the wrong way that it merited printed signs in every single stall? {for the record, I checked!}

Or how about this subway sign?

First, I’m fascinated that the green guy merited the red “no” circle and not the yellow guy actually on the train tracks.  It would seem to me that while you don’t want to be too close to the edge, you really don’t want to actually be run over.  I’ve also pondered the bubbles coming from Yellow Man.  Is he under water?  Is he so intoxicated that he’s belching beer bubbles, oblivious to impending death?

And Cute Husband found this sign the other day~

I think it’s really great of the criminals to just wear their “Bad Man” jackets while out committing crimes so we all know who they are.  I’ve yet to see a person in Japan actually wearing a Bad Man ensemble in public, but perhaps that explains the exceedingly low crime rate here.

I’m wondering what qualifies you as “Bad Man,” though and not just a “Not So Nice Guy.”

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6 Responses to Signs That Amuse Us

  1. kirstyb76 says:

    LOL Those are funny (especially the bad guy one!!

    I’m guessing yellow guy got the red “no” circle because he was going to jump on the tracks to save the other guy….but they really just want you to push the emergency red button instead of risking your life too? Who knows!!

    I think you should incorporate your crazy signs into a weekly blog post…Here’s Your Sign! LOL

  2. lrpereira1 says:

    I agree with the sit on the potty sign. Women who hover really gross me out with the sprinkles they leave behind.

    Did ya notice in the bad guy sign that the people are not of asian decent? Just an observation. I wonder why . . .

  3. Kelly says:

    I love the no standing/hovering pottie sign. I wish we had those here.

  4. Emily says:

    This was a hilarious post! I’m cracking up over here in the US 🙂

  5. If you want to see bad men watch the show “Mad Men”…yikes! What is sad is that they make them likeable bad men. I haven’t watched it before and I’m watching the new season on Netflix. Can you get Netflix in Japan? Thanks for sharing the funny signs.

  6. Oh-so-funny! Thanks for sharing.

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